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Better separation | How to have a happy divorce

Should you stay friends with your ex?  Divorce coach Emma Heptonstall shares her top tips for a happily unmarried ever after:

Be honest from the word go
Even if you don’t sing from the same hymn sheet, you don’t have to, it’s still possible to have different parenting styles and strategies. Just keep negotiations open.
When one of you meets someone else be upfront about it – it’s not a one off conversation that never happens again so share information openly.
Family holidays can still happen, really
A family trip together can be really fun, but it needs space— six months or a year after the divorce dust has settled —when you’re both over the emotion of it and not longing to get back together.
And make sure when you’re away you still spend separate, quality time with the children as usual. Set some firm boundaries, like mum and dad not sharing a bedroom, so your children don’t assume you’re getting back together.
Get organised
Always have the other in mind and that means having a joint plan of action. Even set aside one day a week for a coffee and chat about practicalities of childcare, away from the mid-week handovers. Public meetups are perfect as neither parties will want to risk a meltdown with witnesses present.
Don’t drag your friends into whatever is going on
You don’t have to justify your separation to anyone. You need your friends and family to support you not judge you, so don’t ask them to bitch or take sides, it will help you move through the emotions much quicker.
Be realistic
Even with the best intentions, sometimes it doesn’t always work. If things break down it’s not necessarily the end – it might just mean you need a little bit of time out and then you can both try to get on friendly terms again.
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