Certainty in uncertain times – by Gordon Lennox our Specialist Wills & Future Planning Solicitor.

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In the past week or so, there have been numerous blogs, articles and posts advocating to one and all the need to ensure your Will is up to date or to encourage you make one if  you have not already done so. We have also seen lots of posts about the necessity for people to future plan and consider a Power of Attorney to guarantee peace of mind. 

Whilst this may seem crass at this time as if firms are trying to ‘cash in’ on #Covid19 that is simply not the case.

Why you should make a Will and Power of Attorney?

The legal profession have a duty to provide the best advice we can, tailored to the circumstances that are presented by our clients or the predicament in which they find themselves.

The nature of such advice, in certain circumstances, may induce clients to face their own mortality.

By getting your legal affairs organised for the future you are protecting the people and causes you care most about. That is why you need specialist advice from a trusted Private Client Solicitor -to protect the people you love.

If you die without a Will it can create unnecessary stress, uncertainty, delays and expenses for your loved ones.

So, it is much better to write your wishes down and make them clear, giving you one less thing to worry about.

A Power of Attorney gives someone you trust the power to make important decisions for you in the future if for any reason due to accident or illness you are unable to make those decisions by yourself. Please speak to our Specialist Solicitor Gordon Lennox for more information.

What we encourage you to …

  • Review your Will or make one if you do not have one already.
  • Prepare a Power of Attorney.
  • Check with your pension provider and ensure your pension nominations are current.
  • Ensure your loved ones know what life insurance you have in place and is it sufficient.
  • Review your financial position.
  • Speak to a specialist Wills & Future Planning / Private Client Solicitor

Why now?

The current CoVid-19 pandemic has created a whole new world for us all in the short term and in the long term nobody really knows what ‘normal’ will look like on the other side.

In his book the “The 4-hour Workweek”, Tim Ferris advocates people will chose unhappiness over uncertainty.

People like certainty and if CoVid-19 has done one thing, it has, for the time being, snatched certainty away.

So, in times such as now, it has never been more necessary to ensure your affairs are in order by forward planning to create as much certainty as possible.

Creating a Will and Power of Attorney will give you peace of mind and once done, is one less thing to worry about during these uncertain times.

Although our offices are closed you can speak to our specialist Private Client solicitors on the phone, or even via facetime video calls.

We are a community focused law firm and are presently running a FREE Will campaign in aid of Marie Curie to support the charity who provide vital care and support to the terminally ill in our community. We are also proud to be a Dementia Friendly law firm. Our specialist team are here if you need us and will be delighted to discuss any concerns you may have.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you and your families stay safe and well during these exceptional times.

Our website is full of lots of useful advice www.scullionlaw.com and if you have any Q at all please call 0141 374 2121.

Take care & stay safe

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