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Pre-Court Advice Solicitors Glasgow and Hamilton

When you hear that the police want to speak to you about an investigation, call SCULLION LAW 01698 281155.

You have the right to a private consultation, normally via telephone, with us before the interview. So if you are detained, make sure that you ask the police to contact us at your earliest opportunity.

  • YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SILENCE – when detained
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAY ANYTHING – other than confirming your name, address and date of birth.

Following the private consultation, anything you say during interview can be used against you at Court. The less you say the better.

If you don’t tell the police that your Lawyer is Scullion LAW, you could end up with a random Lawyer working from a Call Centre through the Legal Aid Board’s helpline which is very impersonal and may not provide the QUALITY of service you deserve.

The police will decide whether you will be released to appear at Court at a later stage or whether you will be kept in custody and appear at Court the first day the Court is opened after your arrest.

If you are released from custody and later receive a Court Summons from the Fiscal, contact us. If you are kept in custody, you must tell the police and Reliance Officers at the Court cells that we are your Lawyers.



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