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Solemn cases are the most serious. Examples are murder, rape, serious assaults or the large scale distribution of drugs. As such these cases will always be heard by Sheriff and Jury at the very least within the Sheriff Court and sometimes at the High Court.

Consequently, if you are found guilty of a solemn crime then this can result in a lengthy prison sentence.

So when the stakes are high it is important that you have the best legal representation available to you.

Our specialist Solemn Case Unit is headed by Mr Scullion. He has over 40 years experience at the forefront of criminal defence and specialises in serious and complex cases which others think of as unwinnable. His court performances are legendary and he specialises in exposing inaccuracies and holes in the Crown case and he has a superb success rate.

They are assisted by our team of specialist Criminal Solicitors as well as investigators, expert witnesses and paralegals.

Our dedication and commitment to front line criminal work is one of the reasons that we won Criminal Law Firm of the Year 2010 at the Scottish Law Awards.

When it is serious, send for Scullion LAW.

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