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We understand that many clients reach out to us when they are facing stressful, emotional and challenging times. So, we have partnered up with the best counsellors, coaches and therapists from Glasgow and beyond, to provide you with a unique service.  

In order for us to assist all of our new clients, we are now offering a FREE no obligation introductory 20 minute call with one of our trusted partners. Please let us know via email if you are interested in speaking to one of our life coaches, counsellors or family therapists and we shall put you in touch with someone who can help.  

Judith Higson, Head of our Family LAW team is collaboratively trained and is also an Accredited mediator. Her focus is on always putting the needs of any children involved at the centre.

Francesca Dal Bello

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Francesca offers coaching which is forward-looking. She is very much about finding your adventuress bubbly side. Francesca uses humour, happiness and optimism. She can also offer work for grief. She was born in Italy, grew up in France and moved to London. She worked in a corporate environment for many years and was a company secretary in oil and gas before moving to coaching work.  

David Wynn


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Or find him on this website –  please click here. 

David first experienced adversity as a child through the traumatic breakdown of his family unit. His parents asked him and his sisters who they wanted to live with. Following the separation, the subsequent years living with his Dad, apart from his Mum & sister, were incredibly tough. He found gratitude in the life lessons he learned through those formative years. Lessons which shaped him as a person with a deep desire to help others move past adversity, reach their potential and live a life of purpose, balance & joy.

David’s clients are driven, ambitious, “working parent leaders” who run their own business or work in leadership roles. They care deeply about helping others and making a positive impact in the world, but often battle feelings of guilt because the dark side of their drive is a voice in their head telling them they are not doing enough or doing a good enough job fulfilling their many responsibilities.

David uses a blend of mindfulness, coaching and leadership techniques to help transform what his clients believe is possible for themselves, their careers, families and communities. 

Brian Costello

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Brian is the founder of HeadStrong based in Glasgow.  The HeadStrong mission is to have positive conversations around mental health.  That doesn’t mean shying away from the tough subjects or pretending everything is OK when it’s not.  It means that working on your own emotional and mental state doesn’t need to be an emotional ordeal and can be a positive and empowering experience, even when dealing with the tough times that life sometimes brings along.   Brian is a specialist in dealing with teenage and family mental health and loves to help people realise they are not broken. Even when it really feels like it. 

Myra Eadie

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Find Myra’s LinkedIn profile here.

Are you a couple in need of help communicating? Myra will work in a respectful, collaborative, safe way to help you achieve your goals or to explore your anxieties and concerns.

Areas where therapy can help individuals and couples

  • Anxiety
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Couple counselling
  • Stress and Irritability
  • Grief, Loss, Bereavement
  • Low mood, Low confidence, Low self-esteem
  • Separation, Divorce Coach
  • Relationship issues, Family consultant
  • Personal development

Hilary Forshaw


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Hilary is a Cambridge educated, former family law barrister who practised in London at 1 Garden Court Chambers in her early career. Making a career switch into senior level Recruitment (Executive Search) she is familiar with the overwhelm and overload which many people experience in such demanding corporate roles. Several years ago she made another career change and trained as a Transformational Life Coach with Mindful Talen and also qualified as a Mindfulness teacher. She has 3 areas of specialism: Divorce Coaching – with both professional and personal experience of divorce, she helps people with the emotional rollercoaster of the process and bringing their focus on the outcome and beyond; Career/CV/Interview coaching (from students starting their career through to established professionals); Wellbeing / Mindset Coaching (achieving life balance, identifying self-limiting beliefs and gaining true alignment with core values in all areas of life). Feel free to contact Hilary via email to arrange a complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

Karen Ramsay Smyth

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Karen is a Transformational and Mindfulness Coach. She is a qualified and accredited transformational coach and mindfulness teacher and uses a blend of compassionate coaching, mindful meditation and nature themes to support her clients to gain clarity, become more balanced and centred and take steps to a life they love. She has personal experience of adverse periods of stress and overwhelm through letting go of 28-year marketing career, the loss of both parents and her spouse and has experience in well-being and mindset coaching in both group and one to one settings. She helps her clients to become more grounded and create a powerful vision and set of goals for their lives. She allows clients to have any release that they need and brings them to a meditative space to engage mindfulness and powerful coaching questions to remove limiting behaviours and beliefs. She helps them to be flexible and adaptable and to enable change to happen naturally.

Carolina McFarlane

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Carolina has trained to become a Mindful Monkeys®  Better Together  Practitioner. Both the parent and child attend the programme which is aimed at primary school aged children who are experiencing big emotions. She helps the parent and child to work through emotions and overwhelm by looking at communication, conscious parenting, having a growth mindset and building up confidence and resilience. She sees the parent and child as a team and endeavours to rebuild the bond between them. She has personal experience of ADHD and of children with ADHD. She can often help where children have been declined a referral from CAMHS. 

Shelly Saggar 


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Shelly is based in London but can offer coaching remotely. Shelly believes that engaging in coaching has a positive knock-on effect in a separation or divorce. She has been through a separation herself and has two teenagers. Shelly helps the client tap into their inner knowing and develop practical techniques to cope with conflict, anxiety and co-parenting. She has experience working with clients who have been at their lowest point. Coaching helps the client look to the future and build a life of their own creation. She works holistically with the client using a variety of techniques including mindfulness and ultimately empowers them to make their own decisions and stride confidently into new beginnings.


Kirsty Paterson

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Visit Kirsty’s LinkedIn profile here.

Kirsty has worked with clients going through a separation. She has involved children with that work as well to help them understand the trauma and stress. Kirsty has also worked with Women’s Aid in East Kilbride and has begun work recently with the staff of Women’s Aid. 


Visit Dorte’s site here.

You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Dorte is a divorce coach for women all over the world. Her focus is on empowering women. Having been through a messy divorce herself, Dorte knows that a lot of individuals out there experience a knock to their confidence and lose a sense of self through the separation and divorce journey. Dorte helps clients with their relationships, careers and money allowing them to become independent and take charge. 

Gill Westwood


Gill has worked with the Citizens Advice Bureau for 12+ years. She is currently seeing an increase in separation and domestic violence.  Gill has been through a separation herself. She appreciates the sense of loss and the grieving process arising from separation and divorce.  She also has experience in mental health. Gill lives on the edge of the Scottish Borders just outside of Peebles and can offer coaching remotely. 

Melanie Lawrie


Melanie trained with Mindful Talent. She works in the civil service and has been coached herself. She is very much focused on the wellbeing of her team and is passionate about understanding leadership in herself. She has worked in a corporate environment and also with vulnerable people. 

Jenny Holmes

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Jenny is a coach, with experience of working with clients through separation and bereavement. She creates a safe environment for support and letting go. Jenny works with small groups (maximum 4 per group) allowing coaching to be affordable for all. The groups allow the individual to feel that they are not alone in their experience and friendships often form outside the group setting. Individuals working through these deep life changes, benefit from a slower and gentler pace of coaching. Jenny’s commitment is to make lifelong impact to her clients lives.

She has been through separation and loss to a terminal illness and has a deep rooted passion to help people on their healing journey. 


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