We advise on all aspects of Fertility Law including Surrogacy and Donor Agreements.

Fertility Law


Surrogacy is a complex legal area and our surrogacy lawyers will guide you through the process from the beginning to the conclusion.
We will help you enter into a Surrogacy Agreement before your baby is born and then apply for the parental order which you will need after the birth of your baby.
In the UK only the birth mother has parental rights and responsibilities automatically and so the consent of the surrogate mother is needed after the birth.

Donor agreements

A Donor Agreement for donation by a known donor, be that a relative or friend or co-parent, makes things clearer for everyone involved.
We can help you enter into a bespoke Donor Agreement which will reduce the risk of any future dispute over parentage. Whilst a pre conception agreement is not legally binding in the UK it is a clear statement of the intention of those who signed it and may be given evidential weight by any Court considering the matter. If all parties take legal advice before signing and the Donor Agreement is drafted to reflect the law, it will be likely to hold more weight.

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