Cohabiting couples can benefit from putting a pre-purchase Minute of Agreement in place.

Minute of Agreement Solicitors, Glasgow

A Minute of Agreement 

Can benefit…

a) married couples who are looking to separate without divorcing
b) cohabiting couples looking to safeguard their investments when buying a home together
c) friends or business partners who purchase a property together

Separation agreements are NOT only for couples who are splitting up. It is helpful for cohabiting couples or friends to get one in place when purchasing property together to safeguard their investment if one party invests more than the other, puts down a bigger deposit or uses inheritance to buy the property.

It can also be used by married couples who are looking to separate WITHOUT divorcing or going to court.

A Minute of Agreement can sometimes be referred to as a Separation Agreement.

Separation Agreement Lawyers

Our service at Scullion LAW is bespoke. An agreement is unique and personal to you, it can include any/all of the relevant areas listed below but is not limited to the following

  • Child maintenance
  • Care/residence of children
  • Education of children
  • Distribution of contents of a family home
  • Split of matrimonial property (money, cars & other goods)
  • Provision of payments for ex-spouse
  • Split of pension, shares etc
  • What type of divorce will be applied for and who will pay for it
  • Agreement not to defend an application for divorce

Speak to Scullion LAW today to see how we can help you enter into a Separation Agreement.

Can I change the minute of agreement?

There are some circumstances where the terms in a separation agreement can be changed.

These are rare and have to be approved through the court.  Changes to the separation agreement usually come when one party has been deceived by the other about one of the clauses in the agreement.  In these circumstances, the minute of agreement will be altered to ensure that both parties receive what they are entitled to.

Our team can help with all aspects of separation agreements. Please speak to a member of our team today to if you think you have been misled before signing a minute of agreement.

How do I register a minute of agreement?

In order to be a legally binding document, a minute of agreement must first be agreed on by both parties.

It should be fair and no party can be forced into signing an agreement they do not want to sign.

Once this stage has been completed, it must be registered in the Books of Council and Session.  It is important that you go to someone who is expert in dealing with agreements like these, so you can be sure that any agreement you sign is legally binding and enforceable. You can trust in Scullion LAW.


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