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How to sell your Home in Scotland.

At Scullion LAW we understand every client and circumstance is unique, that is why our service is bespoke. There are many reasons why you may be selling your home, for example, you may have had a few kids and need more space, you may want to move closer to good schools or find a house with a garden… or your kids may have grown up and left the nest meaning you want to downsize or perhaps your elderly parents need to downsize and move into a home… nearer you. Whatever the reason you are selling and we are here to help.

We’re a full-service law firm; we’ll not only help you have a successful property sale but also provide any other legal advice you might need at this time, including relating to Family Law, Wills and Future Planning, Private Client work and Estates, as well as Criminal LAW and Road Traffic LAW.

We’ll manage all the legal steps involved in selling your home, allowing you to concentrate on the excitement of this next chapter of your life. We want to create a long-lasting, positive impression so that once you’ve sold up and settled into your new home you’ll use us again and recommend us to your family and friends.

At Scullion LAW, we’re passionate about you and your life goals. If you’re ready to sell up and want advice and support from a friendly, professional and dynamic law firm, contact us today.

Trust Scullion LAW to revolutionise your client experience when selling

Client Care is at the heart of everything we do. We listen to what our clients want and provide a service that meets their needs. That’s why we guarantee to answer your queries promptly and effectively, keep you informed throughout the home-selling process and help you have a positive experience overall. We work hard to deliver the results you want, on time and in budget.

Moving with confidence

Here at Scullion LAW, we know how important it is to get a smooth and successful sale. We will guide you through each step of the process, from advising you on the offers you receive to completing your transaction. Our team will identify and deal with problems before they can escalate and cause delays. Ultimately, we want to ensure you and your family are moving with confidence.

Selling your home – the process

Selling a property can be exciting as well as challenging and emotional. At Scullion LAW, we believe our down to earth and practical approach to selling sets us apart from other law firms and allows our clients to know exactly what’s happening and when.

Here is our brief overview of the property-selling process and the service you’ll receive from Scullion LAW. We also have a more comprehensive Selling a Property Guide as well as a handy Property Selling Checklist, which we recommend you read. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about selling your property in Scotland.

Prepare for sale

We’ll contact your mortgage lenders, gather in your titles in preparation for the Conveyancing stage and review your Home Information Pack.


When offers begin to come in, we’ll clearly explain to you their legal effect. There’s more to think about than just the figure when considering the offers you have received. Our New Business team can advise you regarding the financial position of the buyer (for example, a cash buyer can often be the quickest, most stress-free option) and the buyer’s position in the property chain. Once you have an accepted an offer, our Property Law team will send a Qualified Acceptance on your behalf to the buyer’s solicitor. The Qualified Acceptance contains any changes you want to the offer, for example to the purchase price, the entry date or the moveable items that will be included with the sale.


We’ll negotiate with the buyer’s solicitor until there is agreement on all the terms of the contract. The missives process requires a great deal of communication between us, you and the buyer’s legal team to reach an agreement and ensure your best interests are protected. Once the missives are signed by us on your behalf, the contract is legally binding – this very important part of the process is called concluding the missives.

Searches & title matters

We’ll request the title deeds, which may be held by you, your lender or a solicitor, and forward the information to the buyer’s solicitor, who will examine them for any defects.

We’ll also arrange for all the necessary property searches to be sent to the buyer’s solicitor. It’s normal for the buyer’s legal team to ask questions about the searches and title matters. If any difficult questions are asked – don’t panic. Our Property Experts will keep you informed and work hard to create an effective solution.


If you have made changes to the property, we’ll request that you send us all the necessary local authority consents. If these are not available, we’ll advise what to do so that before your sale all the correct papers are in place.


We’ll ensure the title transfer document, the disposition, is signed by you and arrange a safe and convenient place for you to pick up the keys on the sale date. After both of these stages are complete, we will receive full payment from the buyer.


We’ll provide you with a clear statement of all money received and paid on your behalf, including all charges made by our firm. We’ll forward remittance to your estate agent and redeem your mortgage. We’re committed to providing transparent fee packages. We will explain our fees to you clearly and fully, and we’re always on hand to answer any further questions you may have.

Selling your property – FAQs

Why should I instruct Scullion LAW’s Property Experts for my property sale?

If you’re selling your home, under most circumstances it’s highly recommended that you work with Property Professionals to help you manage the complex legal stages involved. Although you may be worried about the cost of this service, Property Solicitors provide vital services such as negotiating the contract and transferring the legal ownership of the property from seller to buyer. A big advantage of using Scullion LAW to sell your home in Scotland is that we’ve specialist knowledge of the local Glasgow area and of all kinds of properties. We also take a refreshingly energetic and dynamic approach to Conveyancing and Property Law services, which sets us apart from our competitors. Contact us today to find out how we can help you have a smooth and successful sale.

How much should I accept for my property?

There are many ways you can advertise the selling price of your property. One of the most common is to state the price as ‘offers over’. This means that the price advertised is the minimum price you’re willing to accept but, ideally, you would like more. On the other hand, you could offer the property as ‘fixed price’ – this means that where someone offers you the price stated, this will secure the sale. However, you’re also free to accept offers below the price stated.

What happens when I receive an offer on my property?

You’ll receive offers from the solicitors of potential buyers. Offers contain basic details, such as the purchase price and a proposed date of entry, and often more technical details, such as liability for necessary repairs. It’s important to note that we may advise against accepting the highest offer if the terms aren’t agreeable, for example where there is a complex property chain. Our New Business team will be involved throughout the process of accepting the right offer.


There will usually be a period of negotiation, known as the missives, between the buyer’s solicitor and us before the contract is concluded. Our Property Experts will consult with you during this period of negotiation to ensure your needs are met. During missives, the offer isn’t yet legally binding, and either party may decide they don’t want to continue with the transaction. After full agreement has been reached, the contract must be signed. At that point, the missives are concluded and the contract is legally binding. The parties may no longer freely break the contract. Otherwise, they may be liable to pay compensation to the other party. This means if you receive a better offer after this date, you’ll not be able to accept it without significant penalty.

When is the property sale complete?

The sale will be complete on the agreed date of entry; this is where you’ll receive payment for your property, and the legal ownership and keys to the property are transferred to the buyer. It’s our responsibility as your legal team to deliver the keys and the disposition to the buyers, who are now, in fact, the owners. The disposition transfers title to the new owner and is registered with the Land Register. The buyer’s solicitor will deliver a cheque for the full amount of the purchase price, or the payment can be made by BACS transfer. If you still have a loan outstanding on the property, this must be paid off at this stage. We can deal with this on your behalf and obtain a redemption statement from your bank or building society.

Property and Conveyancing Solicitors with Local Knowledge of Glasgow and Hamilton

If you’re interested in a property and are relying on the sale of your current property before you can purchase it, we can assist you in making sure there are no setbacks or disappointments. Our team are not only experts in Property Law but also in the local area and the property market in and around Glasgow, including Giffnock, Newton Mearns, the West End and Kelvinside.

Our confident, friendly and enthusiastic team of Property Professionals are ready to help you sell your property. We’ll guide you through the selling process, ensuring your transaction completes as smoothly and quickly as possible. These are exciting times – we want to share your joy.

Contact our Property Lawyers Glasgow and Hamilton, Scotland

Here at Scullion LAW, we’re proud to offer our new and return customers an outstanding property sale experience. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our integrated service that allows us to coordinate the sale of your current property and the purchase of your new one for a seamless moving experience.

Our Conveyancing team in Glasgow and Hamilton have the legal expertise to expedite your transaction from offer to completion, at a competitive fee. Because we assist clients when buying and selling their homes, we’ve an extensive and up-to-date understanding of the Scottish property market. We also fully understand hyper-local property markets, including Uddingston, Bothwell, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, the West End, Finnieston and Kelvinside. If you’re looking to sell a property in Glasgow or the surrounding areas, contact our Property Experts today to find out what we can do for you. Call our Glasgow office on 0141 374 2121 or our Hamilton office on 01698 283 265.

Any feedback?

Have you recently bought or sold a house with us? Client Care is very important to our team and we want to ensure that our service is constantly improving and exceeding your expectations. If you’ve any feedback on your experience with Scullion LAW, please email our Client Care Manager. We would be delighted to hear from you. OR you can leave us an online review by clicking here.

Whenever your personal and financial circumstances change we strongly recommend that you update your Will. Our Private Client team will help through this process, please call for an appointment on 01698 283 265 or 0141 374 2121 or email We also have a useful Wills Questionnaire, which you can find here.

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