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Future Planning Legal Advice

We know you are probably really busy and there is no ‘best time’ to seek Wills advice but we strongly encourage everyone regardless of age and regardless of wealth to make a Will. You need to make the time to protect everything that matters to you and seek expert legal advice from a trusted Wills Solicitor at your earliest convenience.

There will always be other distractions but you can’t put it off forever.

At Scullion LAW we have tried to make the process as straightforward and as stress free as possible for you.

Simply download our helpful Wills Questionnaire, sit back and carefully consider your wishes for the future. Who and what matters most to you?

Call to make an appointment with our experienced Wills, Trusts & Future Planning Lawyers today to discuss all your options. We are here to help you get organised. We take the time to listen and will advise you accordingly.

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We have over 40 years’ experience advising families and individuals across Scotland from a wide range of backgrounds. Everyone’s family and financial situation is unique. Some cases are simple and straightforward, whilst others are more complex and complicated. We have the skills and experience to handle it all with professionalism and dignity.

We understand that when you start thinking about making a Will you’ll have many questions: how do I make a Will? When should I make a Will? Who can witness my Will? Can I change my Will? At Scullion Law, we’re here to answer all your questions fully and provide tailored advice for your circumstances.

So pop in to discuss your Will with one of our trusted Private Client Solicitors today at our offices in Hamilton or Glasgow. We can even offer home visits upon request. Making a Will shouldn’t be as stressful or complicated as you think. Once you have created a Will, you should feel a great sense of relief.

Let us take that weight off your shoulders. Leave your worries at our door.

Hundreds of people in Scotland pass away each year without a valid Will to protect their wishes. When you die without a valid Will, your estate will be distributed according to the rules of ‘intestate succession’. Your spouse or civil partner will have certain rights, but they will not automatically receive your entire estate. The rules may dictate that other family members, often unexpectedly, will inherit. This could create more stress and upset during an already difficult time, so protect the people and possessions that matter most to you.

Stay in control and leave a positive lasting impression by making a Will – call Scullion LAW Private Client team today to ensure your wishes are met and your Will is valid.

Why Should I Make a Will?

Making a Will is one of the single most important steps you can take to protect your family’s interests and secure their future in the event of your death. Read our guide on the benefits of making a Will.

If you do already have a Will in place, we recommend you review your Will at least every five years. We also advise speaking to a solicitor if you or your family’s circumstances change. Events such as marriage, civil partnership, separationdivorce, births or a death can have the effect of invalidating your Will, and expert advice is advisable at the earliest opportunity.

A Will makes everything more personal, more straightforward and less distressing, giving you and those you love peace of mind for the future. It is also of great benefit to those dealing with your estate, as intestacy (dying without a Will) can be an expensive, costly, challenging and lengthy process for everyone involved.

Where you have young children, a Will allows you to decide how your children should be cared for. You can choose who you wish to be their legal guardian, should you pass away. Without a Will, guardianship will be decided at the end of a lengthy court process and can be very impersonal.

A Will allows you to plan for the future:

  • Appoint an Executor
  • Decide how your children should be cared for
  • Decide who will receive any assets or wealth
  • Make personal arrangements for your funeral
  • Make charitable or other donations

Our expert Wills and Future Planning Lawyers offer trusted and friendly legal advice in relation to Wills and Estates in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Not only will our team draft, amend, update, complete and store your Will if requested, our highly experienced and approachable solicitors can advise you on all areas of estate planning including providing advice on tax and any other queries you may have.

What Happens if I Die Without a Will?

Dying without a Will (intestate) in Scotland means your estate is dealt with in accordance with the law of intestacy, which can be very impersonal. It does not take into account the specifics of your own family dynamic or relationships. Not only can this be painful for your loved ones, but it also involves additional costs and administration, which could be easily avoided by putting a simple Will in place.

Intestacy Example 1

Mary died intestate (i.e. without a Will) in 2016. Her husband John had died before her in 2012. During her life Mary had three children – Jack, Joseph and Jessica. Jack died before Mary, leaving two children – Robert and Rosie.

Joseph and Jessica will each be entitled to a third share of Mary’s estate. The remaining third that would have passed to Jack if he had survived will now pass to his children, Rosie and Roger, who will receive a sixth of the estate each.

You should note that:

  • adopted children have the same rights as natural children
  • both legitimate and illegitimate children have the same rights
  • step children will not benefit from the Will unless they have been adopted by the deceased.

Intestacy Example 2

John dies intestate in 2017. He has no surviving spouse or civil partner and no children. The law dictates that his estate be divided as follows:

  • to his parents – equally if both living
  • to his brothers and sisters of the whole blood – equally and their children
  • to his brothers and sisters of half blood – equally and their children
  • to his grandparents – equally if more than one living
  • to his uncles and aunts of the whole blood – equally and their children
  • to uncles and aunts of half blood – equally and their issue
  • to The Crown (IHTM12126), Duchy of Lancaster or Duchy of Cornwall.

Scullion LAW is committed to providing a superior level of client care – we want to protect the needs and wishes of the individuals and families living in our community.

We are fully aware that legal fees can often be a real concern for clients and our success and growth as a business has been built on making sure our fees are reasonable. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients. There are no hidden costs. You can be confident in the service we offer – trust in us.

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