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Information for Attorneys

If you have been appointed as an attorney, you will no doubt have some important questions about the role and responsibilities that are ahead of you. Where do you start? This page is designed to answer some of those questions. If you need advice or assistance in making a Power of Attorney, or for assistance with your attorney duties, contact our specialist lawyers today.

I have been appointed as a joint attorney, what does this mean?

If you have been appointed as a joint attorney, you may be required to make decisions alongside other attorneys. The POA document will set out exactly what powers you have, and for certain decisions or circumstances, you may be solely responsible.

When can I start acting as an attorney?

When you will be able to start acting as an attorney will depend on the type of attorney you are.

Continuing attorneys

The POA will state when you are able to begin using the property or financial powers granted to you. Your powers may be triggered by a certain event, normally in the event of incapacity. In this event, the POA will set out how to determine incapacity. When you are ready to begin acting as an attorney, you should let all relevant authorities know. This includes banks, pensions and investment managers, and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Welfare attorneys

You will only be able to start acting as an attorney when the granter becomes incapable. In this event, the POA will set out how to determine incapacity. You should at this stage let all relevant authorities know including the granters medical provider, dental surgery and any care home or hospital staff.

How long does a Power of Attorney last?

You will continue to act as an attorney until any of the following happen:

  • The POA is revoked or cancelled by the granter
  • You resign as an attorney
  • The granter passes away
  • If you are a continuing attorney and either you or the granter become bankrupt, or if either of you are subject to a Trust Deed

We have more useful information about the role of Attorneys and the benefits of a POA here.

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