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10 March 2018
Scullion Law were absolutely brilliant in giving me peace of mind to get through a drink driving offence in court. From the minute I made contact I was in safe hands. Kris Buchanan personally dealt with my entire case and I was represented in court a few times. I feel like the sentencing could have been harsher in my circumstances but Kris drew on his vast knowledge and experience to represent me and minimise this. I was given constant updates from the office team and regular contact with Kris himself. Scullion Law went above and beyond in my opinion.

If you have are in trouble I urge you to appoint Scullion Law to fight your corner, no matter how hopeless your case may seem they can help you and make the whole daunting process a lot easier.

Paul Sands Five Stars


January 2018
Absolutely fantastic representation, relatable and understanding, and even helped with some complications post-trial. Scullion Law is exactly what is expected from a professional and highly relatable member of the law process. I owe a huge thank you and would advise anyone seeking help with the law process to contact Scullion Law and ask for help. 5 stars no doubt, could not be happier with the help I’ve received.

Dylan Buchanan Five Stars


21 January 2018
Thank you Scullion Law, and in particular Kris Buchanan, for the expert advice and representation during my son’s recent court case. A simple error in the insurance process led to him almost receiving 6 points and subsequently would have lost his license. Money well spent having Kris on board as he led us to a successful outcome in court. Thanks again x

Jane Barrs Five Stars


31 October 2017
Scullion LAW are second to none.The hard work and dedication from the team is indisputable. I had the pleasure of dealing with Kris & Ashlee all of whom were extremely professional and helpful. They communicated throughout the case and kept me up to speed with what goes on and where I stand with regards to the case.

Sam Berry Five Stars

1 September 2017
Couldn’t thank Scullion Law enough for all their hard work. I was looking at my licence being revoked after being caught doing 80mph in a 50mph, but thanks to Kris I walked away today with my licence and no points or fines! I couldn’t believe it! Kris is by far one of the best there is, and was especially very patient with me and put my mind to ease, as well as the rest of the team in the offices taking my calls! I’m overwhelmed with result! Will definitely recommend Scullion Law. Thank you so much. 10/10.

Shannon McKinley Five Stars


Mr Kris Buchanan is fantastic. An absolute gentleman and extremely professional. A credit to have in your work force. The level of service Mr Buchanan provided myself with was incredible. I’d highly recommend scullion law and Mr Buchanan for that matter if you find yourself in any situation you’d need their help. I thank you so much for your hard work and dedication Mr Buchanan and all the best in the future.
 James Sutherland Five Stars

Scullion Road Traffic LAW saved me from losing my licence!! Absolutely amazing team!! Couldn’t recommend them enough!!
Misbaa DinFive Stars

After receiving a speeding fine and already at 9 points, I risked losing my license for 6 months. So I contacted Scullion LAW and decided to go with Kris Buchanan, absolute superstar in his field. He has now saved my license which I’m thrilled about. Mr Buchanan is very professional, charming and knows his stuff when it comes to road traffic law. I would highly recommend, worth every penny.
Victoria Morrison Five Stars

I was faced with losing my licence two driving cases and a warrant for failure to appear at court. Didn’t have much confidence in my lawyer so I appointed Scullion LAW and after negations with the PF I was given another chance to appear at court for both cases. Today they managed to get one case dropped And now I only have one case ahead of me. This means I get to keep my licence. You can’t put a price on this. Would recommend Scullion LAW to anyone facing being disqualified.
Lisa Gault Five Stars

Can’t rate Scullion LAW highly enough. Great service and in particular Kris Buchanan. Thanks again for your help. Will be recommending Scullion LAW to others without a doubt x
Sharon Redmond Five Stars

I can honestly say that the best decision of my life was to pick up the phone and call Scullion LAW. I genuinely can’t believe the service, and expertise. My situation looked bleak. The team explained my options from the outset. I honestly can’t recommend Scullion LAW enough. Without sounding over dramatic, they has given me my life back. Every person I have spoken with at scullion law gets five stars. Every time I made a call, they were so professional and empathetic. If you need legal support look no further.
Liam Greig Five Stars

THANK YOU Scullion LAW, great result for my wife the other day. You achieved the best outcome possible, license and employment intact! Very impressed with how they conducted the proceedings, a consummate professional, polite, clear and to the point on the facts. We both appreciate their guidance and support and would recommend the services of Scullion Road Traffic LAW to anyone facing any traffic endorsements. Great Job! 🙂
Adam Quail Five Stars

I have used Scullion LAW a few times and they have been fantastic in in every way. I was recommended to use them from an uncle who is a lawyer and I am very grateful for the service I received. Thanks again
Paul Tulips Five Stars

Thank you for representation, efficient dealings & resolve ensuring minimum distress for me on court day. Delivered as promised the best possible outcome. I kept my driving licence and my self – respect! Thank you #ScullionLAW
Yvonne Limerick Five Stars

not cheap but worth it, thank you Scullion LAW
Dougie Frame Five Stars



Specialist Road Traffic Defence Lawyer of the Year 2015

Five Stars

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