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Initial Court Hearing

The starting point in your case, is presenting your not guilty plea to the court. In most cases you will have received a citation (the letter that tells you where and when to go to court) from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) confirming the date of your pleading diet at which your plea must be confirmed. Having instructed our award winning team of criminal defence lawyers, you can sit back in confidence and relax, let us take care of this stage of proceedings for you.


When attending court for your initial hearing, please arrive 15 minutes early and dress smartly to create a good impression. On arrival please check in at the main reception. If you have not already met by this point, your allocated defence lawyer from Scullion Criminal LAW will identify himself to you and confirm your instructions prior to the calling of your case.



Our PDF download provides an overview of the courtroom so you can understand the basic layout.


In the majority of cases the court will declare that you are to be “ordained” which simply means that the court orders you to attend court on set dates which are not flexible. We will inform the court of your holidays and times you are unavailable at the start of proceedings. In more serious caese the court may serve you with a ‘bail order.’

Preparing Your Defence

The most important stage in your client journey is the preparation of your defence. Our team of criminal defence lawyers are at the top of our game but we need your assistance during this part of the process to ensure that we work together to give you the best possible defence.


In addition to all the work which we do behind the scenes, your defence is never fully prepared until we have considered the Crown evidence against you.


The Intermediate Diet is a Procedural Hearing prior to the Trial Diet. The purpose of this hearing is simply for us to confirm whether you are maintaining your plea of not guilty or whether you are changing your plea to guilty.

The Trial

The trial diet is a more formal hearing than your initial court hearing and the intermediate diet. It is for this which we have been working so hard towards from the start of your case. It is important that in addition to the guidance set out in section 2 that you dress smartly for this hearing and that you plan / prepare to be at court for the full day.


If you are acquitted, that brings your case to an end and there is no conviction recorded. Therefore, if you are applying for a job or entering a foreign country there will never be any record that you were accused of any offence, it will be as though it never happened.


If you are found guilty then a criminal conviction will be recorded.

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