Scullion LAW are here to support you and your family: before, during and after separation or divorce.

At Scullion LAW we understand how challenging the last 18+ months have been for families and individuals.

With a mix of the pandemic, mental health decline, juggling work, home schooling, not seeing friends or loved ones for months, not being able to hug the people you love… worrying about redundancy… not being able to travel or do lots of the things we used to love such as going to gym, swimming and other hobbies… creates low mood, self doubt, over thinking, anxiety and a huge amount of uncertainty like a big cloud is constantly weighing down on us. Everyone has had a unique experience. Some have just survived, others have thrived. However, we know there are lots and lots of  couples that are getting on top of each other, or reached breaking point and as such we have seen a spike in enquiries over the last few months. So much so, that we have expanded our Family Law Team to provide additional support.

Not every person that contacts us decides to proceed. We always listen and advise accordingly and encourage them to speak to a member of our support network before they decide their next steps. Sometimes, it is just good to know that we are here to talk to and to listen to you. Many people find it helpful just to have an initial chat and explore their options. If you are needing to talk call us 0141 374 2121

We have seen a spike in family law related enquiries over the last 18 months.

Nicola Buchanan (an accredited mediator and fully trained collaborative lawyer) joined Scullion LAW earlier this year. She works closely with Judith Higson (an Accredited Family Law Specialist, an Accredited Child Law Specialist, an Accredited Family Law Mediator, a Collaborative Lawyer and a member of the Family Law Association). Both solicitors are supported by an excellent team composing of Laura Cousins (trainee), Sam Robertson (paralegal) and Liz Semple (our experienced secretary).

Scullion LAW have created a support network of coaches, therapists & counsellors.

During lock down, we collaborated with a team of coaches, therapists and counsellors throughout Glasgow and beyond to provide emotional support to our clients before, during and after divorce. This has enormously helped lots of families and individuals who have been struggling. Some couples manage to work it out whilst others proceed to instruct us.

The support network are there to listen without judgment and by speaking to them (via our 20 minute, no obligation, complimentary call  which we offer to all of our new and existing clients) you can offload a lot of the heat, anger, emotion, stress and worry to one of our trusted partners. This allows you to make more informed decisions as you move forward. There are a wide range of members, each with unique specialisms and skills. So you can have a look and see who you would like to be put in touch with via this link or our friendly team shall make a recommendation.

Separating and divorcing can be life changing. We are here to guide you through the transition.


At Scullion LAW the kids come first.

One of our upcoming events is a webinar on ‘supporting children through divorce’ and our specialist family solicitor Judith Higson (above mentioned) shall be discussing hints and tips on how best to communicate with your kids during these sensitive times. If you are worried about telling your children that you are divorcing or concerned that your divorce will damage them – please be assured that these are common fears that Claire Black (divorce coach) has experienced herself first hand when she went through her own divorce. We are here to offer information, guidance and practical strategies to support your children, find calm and get clarity. Claire and Judith will help you to focus on what you CAN do and allow you to see options and choices so that you feel more in control.

To register for this FREE and confidential event click here.

Date: 14 September 12.30-13.30

Please get in touch.



Some of the key Q we shall cover include

  • Can I change my child’s school or nursery without the consent of the other parent?
  • Can I move house without the consent of the other parent?
  • Can I take my child abroad on holiday without the consent of the other parent?
  • What do I do if my child doesn’t want to go to contact?


How to handle a challenging ex?

This is the second webinar we have hosted with Claire Black. Our last event discussed the sensitive topic ‘how to handle a challenging partner’. It was well attended and received some positive feedback and excellent Q such as ‘what to do in preparation from splitting from my partner’. We recorded the session so that you can watch it back in your own time – please use this link:

Claire also prepared a blog on handling a challenging ex, which details the strategies she outlined in the session:

Other useful resources

You can also download this helpful leaflet which outlines ‘what the court expects’ family-law-court-order-questions. 

If you have any Q at all that you would like to put forward before, during or after the webinar please email or call 0141 374 2121. We are here to help. In addition to collaborating with the support network we also work closely with the charity Kids Come First and shall be posting a short blog on what that involves shortly. Please keep an eye on our facebook, instagram and twitter to keep in the loop with all things Scullion LAW.

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