Scullion LAW to host 10th successful Debating Cup Final

Scullion LAW are excited to welcome local schools back to the 2019 Interschool’s Debating Cup.

This is all part of our continued commitment to the local community, creating a platform for the local talent to shine.

This will be our 10th successful year working with the local schools, teachers, pupils, MSPs, businesses and also the council.

The competition is open to both North and South Lanarkshire schools.


The final takes place on 20 November 5.40pm- 8pm at South Lanarkshire Council HQ in Almada Street, Hamilton. ML3 0AA

Motion: This House Would Cut Welfare Support For Compulsive Gamblers.

Schools: St Andrews & St Brides High School V Uddingston Grammar.


If you would like to come along to show your support then please email to register.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be available. We also hope to have some entertainment on the night – watch this space.

We are delighted to welcome pupils from previous years back to share their journey with us. At Scullion LAW the door is always open and we love to hear ‘where they are now and what impact the debating competition had on their lives’. Everyone who has taken part from 2010- 2019 is welcome to come along, listen in, meet up with old friends and familiar faces.

It promises to be a great night and we will post highlights on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @ScullionLAW

We look forward to seeing you.




Previous winners include

2010 – Calderside Academy, pupils Lewis Archibald and Shannon Statorious spoke FOR the motion ‘This house is for the death penalty’

2011 – Uddingston Grammar, pupils James Munro and Julie Sutherland spoke AGAINST the motion ‘This house would replace social security benefits with a voucher system

2012 – Uddingston Grammar, pupils James Munro and Olivia Steven spoke FOR the motion ‘This house would abolish the requirement for the corroboration of evidence in Scots Law’.

2013 – St Andrews & St Brides, pupils Jamie McGowan and Mathew Scott spoke FOR the motion ‘Scottish Independence’

2014 – Holy Cross, pupils Kate Stevenson and Michael Creechan spoke AGAINST the motion ‘Is social networking making us antisocial’.

2015 – Holy Cross, pupils Ciaran McGuire and Gerard O’Hanlon spoke FOR the motion ‘This house would allow prisoners to choose death over a life sentence.

2016 – Holy Cross, pupilsĀ  Daniel Muir and Gerard O’Hanlon spoke FOR the motion ‘This house believes terrorism can be justified’.

2017 – Duncanrig, pupils Kate Kane and Alison Balmer spoke FOR the motion ‘This house believes humans are too dependant on computers’.

2018 – Holy Cross, pupils Marie Therese Kerr and Niamh Gallacher spoke FOR the motion ‘This house believes technology makes us feel more alone’.

2019 – WINNERS will be one of the following Uddingston Grammar, St Andrews & St Brides High School, Biggar High School or St John Ogilvie

Wishing everyone the very best of luck.

Here are some photos.

Scullion law sponsored debating comp finals.olivia steven,& james munro from uddingston grammar.









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