Shanna celebrates 15 wonderful years with Scullion LAW


Shanna McDiarmid joined Scullion LAW in 2005.

Nicholas Jonathan quotes “Shanna is an asset to our firm. She started as an office junior assisting with mail, filing and office administration back in 2004 upon leaving school. She was the first hire I made and has been a fiercely loyal, determined, hardworking, ambassador for the firm ever since. She has worked her way up from filing and admin to IT, audit and office compliance and in 2016 she was recognised with a promotion to Practice Manager. We were thrilled to further reward her with a promotion to Executive Director in 2018. I believe the success of Scullion LAW is largely down to Shanna, she is a rock and I would be lost without her. I would like to thank Shanna for everything she has done to contribute to the success of Scullion LAW.”

When did you join Scullion LAW?

I first started working with the firm in October 2005. At that time it was known as Nicholas J Scullion & Company. I had always wanted to work somewhere that I could put my organisational skills to use, and so working as an office junior for a Law firm seemed like the perfect place to do that. I was hired by Nicholas Scullion Jr, who had just recently started with the firm himself.

When I started, I was 16 years old and unlike many in this profession, I hadn’t attended college or university. However it didn’t hinder me  and in many ways has helped, as from a young age I was able to get a lot of experience very quickly.

Over the years, I was given opportunities to continually develop my skills. From being a PA to Nicholas Scullion Jr, managing the administration work, assisting with I.T. for the firm and being trained within the cash room – this gave me a rounded understanding on the operations of the firm.

Gaining this knowledge gave me a defined career path, to work towards becoming the Practice Manager. To get to that position, I worked under the guidance of Nicholas Scullion Jr and Isabel McSeveney, Finance Director. To both of them I am very thankful.

Since working as the Practice Manager since 2016, I was very fortunate to be promoted to an Executive Director in 2018. It’s been a privilege to see this firm grow and adapt and to have had some small part in building the wonderful team we have around us.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the team I work with and how varied my role is. To be honest I really love helping people and find great satisfaction from solving problems, whether that’s internally with staff / operations or for our clients.


What three words would colleagues use to describe you?

Organised, approachable and helpful


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending time with my husband, family and friends, however this year has made socialising a bit more difficult.


I have a huge passion for music which means I frequently went to gigs and concerts before the pandemic, so I am hoping that can resume once things start to open up. I also love movies a good TV series, and the odd video game every now and again.


Anything else to add?

Despite the pandemic we have all been hit with this year, the team at Scullion LAW have really pulled together!



Thank you Shanna for everything you do – you are a credit to the team.


Read more about Shanna’s journey with the firm in an older blog here .



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