Useful information from the Scottish Government for people buying or selling private residential homes during #COVID19 (Part three)

Accepting offers

The buying and selling process can continue during this period but you should be aware that the process is likely to take longer than normal.

You are free to continue to accept offers on your property. However, the selling process may take longer. You should seek advice from your solicitor.

Advice for people to stay at home and away from others means you should not invite visitors into your home, including prospective buyers or agents.

Concluding missives

We recommend that all parties should work either: to delay concluding missives until after the period where stay-at-home measures to fight coronavirus (COVID-19) are in place; or to include explicit contractual provisions to take account of the risks presented by the virus.

If you have concluded missives, you have entered into a legal agreement to purchase the property. In these circumstances, we encourage all parties to do all they can to amicably agree alternative dates to move, for a time when it is likely that stay-at-home measures against coronavirus (COVID-19) will no longer be in place. You should seek advice from your solicitor about the implications for you…


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Solicitors should continue to support the sales process as far as possible and consistent with the protection of the safety of themselves, their staff, clients and the wider public and compliance with the stay-at-home measures against coronavirus. Solicitors should make sure their clients are aware of the difficulties of completing transactions in this period, particularly where any documentation requires to be physically signed (and/or witnessed), including dispositions and standard securities. Reference is made to the Guidance and Practice notes issued by the Law Society of Scotland and the Keeper’s up-to-date guidance on registration. In particular, solicitors should make every effort to support clients who are due to move in the stay-at-home period to change the date of the move.

Where possible, as noted above, if missives have been concluded, encourage seeking agreement between the parties to a variation to missives concluded to take account of the COVID-19 outbreak and not to move.

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Last week we managed to successfully complete a few urgent home moves despite the unforeseen closure of the Registers Of Scotland and for this we received amazing feedback from happy clients with one couple quoting that ‘Gemma Brown, our conveyancer really went above and beyond to provide an excellent service’ for which they were exceptionally grateful. They also commented on the professionalism, dedication and commitment shown from our full team. Everyone is working hard from home and doing their best to service our clients.

We are here for you and available to answer any Q you may have at this time.

Please call 0141 374 2121 or email

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive.

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