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We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Scullion LAW family, Stephanie Grieve. Stephanie joined our team in June 2023 as a Senior Solicitor, bringing with her a wealth of experience and expertise in various areas of law. Her impressive background and dedication to her clients make her an asset to our firm.

Stephanie’s legal journey began at the University of Stirling, where she pursued her Bachelor of Laws with Honours degree. She then furthered her education at the University of Glasgow, obtaining the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. Following her academic achievements, Stephanie completed her traineeship at a small firm in Dumfries, where she focused on Criminal Law and Family Law. This early experience laid the foundation for her remarkable career.

During her time in Dumfries, Stephanie handled a range of cases that showcased her commitment to justice and the well-being of her clients. One notable case involved representing a client accused of historic rape within a marital context before the recognition of such offences. Her involvement in this ground-breaking case demonstrates her dedication to fighting for fairness and upholding the rights of individuals.

Stephanie’s career highlights also include assisting with the defence of a high-profile client who was dubbed “one of Scotland’s most dangerous paedophiles.” Through her meticulous work alongside Senior and Junior Counsel, Stephanie helped reduce a 55-charge indictment to 17 charges, ultimately achieving a favourable outcome for her client. Her ability to navigate complex legal matters and her unwavering commitment to her clients have earned her a reputation for excellence in the legal community.

As a skilled advocate, Stephanie regularly represents clients in the Sheriff Court and the Justice of the Peace Court up and down the country, from Stornoway to Dumfries. She has also assisted Counsel in the esteemed High Court of Justiciary. With a strong track record in both Summary and Solemn matters, Stephanie has handled a wide range of cases, including murder, rape, possession of indecent images, domestic assault, drug-related offences, and more. Her extensive courtroom experience and meticulous preparation have consistently yielded successful outcomes for her clients.

While Stephanie has primarily focused on Criminal Law throughout her career, she has also represented clients in other areas, including Children’s Panel proceedings and various civil matters such as divorce and child custody disputes. This versatility and breadth of experience allow Stephanie to provide comprehensive legal support to clients facing a range of legal challenges.

In addition to her legal accomplishments, Stephanie has served in the British Army since 2007. In 2023, she successfully completed her training at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and she is now a Commissioned Officer. Her military background, combined with her legal expertise, uniquely positions her to represent military personnel facing prosecution. Stephanie’s first-hand knowledge of military procedures and training, including her qualification in Military Searching for Explosives and Munitions, allows her to provide exceptional legal representation in both civilian court proceedings and Court Martial cases.

Stephanie’s dedication to her work has been widely recognized, and she has received accolades from both clients and legal professionals alike. Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight her professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering support throughout their legal journeys. Stephanie’s ability to provide clear and straightforward legal advice, coupled with her compassionate approach, sets her apart as an outstanding solicitor.

Beyond her legal endeavours, Stephanie finds joy in spending time with her young family and pursuing outdoor activities. Her passion for motorbiking showcases her adventurous spirit and determination—a reflection of the energy she brings to her legal practice.

We, at Scullion LAW, are honoured to have Stephanie Grieve join our Court team. Her vast experience and unwavering dedication to her clients make her an invaluable asset to our firm. With Stephanie’s expertise, we are confident that we can continue providing exceptional legal services and achieve outstanding results for our clients. Stephanie’s professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence make her the ideal advocate for our clients’ legal needs.

We extend our warmest welcome to Stephanie Grieve and look forward to the positive impact she will have on our clients and our firm. With her on board, we are more equipped than ever to provide the highest level of legal representation and ensure justice is served.

Welcome, Stephanie, to Scullion LAW!

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