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We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Ailidh Ballantyne on her promotion to Senior Associate Director. This advancement stands as a sparkling testament to Ailidh’s tireless work ethic, delivering phenomenal results for both our firm and clients alike. It also recognises her embodiment of our core values, unrelenting commitment to client care, and all-around fabulous presence, lifting our team daily.

Since first joining the Scullion LAW family, Ailidh has fully lived our values of care, client focus, dynamism, integrity, and passion. She has consistently leveraged her expanding legal expertise to drive optimal outcomes for those we serve. Ailidh also possesses a rare talent for truly understanding each client’s aspirations and goals. This insight proves instrumental in building strong bonds, trust, and meaningful relationships that blossom into long-lasting partnerships over time. There is no doubt that Ailidh genuinely cares about clients’ lives and makes a profound difference in their navigation of difficult chapters. Even outside client interactions, she infuses our workplace with boundless energy and encouragement, helping colleagues excel.

While undoubtedly reflecting immense personal growth and accomplishments in Ailidh’s already impressive career, this promotion also highlights the tremendous confidence we have in her capabilities to lead the firm successfully into the future. As both a leader and colleague, Ailidh has shown she takes the well-being of clients, team members, and the Scullion LAW brand itself to heart and gives 110% to facing any obstacle or challenge that arises. We cannot wait to witness firsthand the great achievements that most certainly lie ahead with Ailidh steering operations for years to come. This will certainly positively impact many more clients, thanks to her vision and dedication as she leads our Wills & Powers of Attorney and Bereavement services.

Congratulations once again, Ailidh! This promotion is extraordinarily well-earned, and we look ahead with eager anticipation for a bright future and positive changes in the lives of clients.



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