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We understand that you need to be sure how your fees will be charged before you instruct us and that’s why we are up front and transparent with our fees.

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Our success is built on our reputation for delivering results to our clients since 1979.

We pride ourselves on providing sound, reliable advice with a professional, personal touch.

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Why Scullion LAW

We always agree a fee basis, including the timing and method of payment in advance of doing any work for you. This will be sent to you in the first letter we send you known as a scope of works letter. For private clients, we offer payments by standing order, credit and debit cards instalments and will always try to make the fees as affordable for you as we can.

Reasonable Fees: Our fees are fair and transparent, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our service.

Trusted: Regulated by The Law Society of Scotland.

Independent Assessment: Our fees are independently assessed by a law accountant to ensure that they are fair and reasonable.

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Our promise to you

Transparent fees, for your peace of mind

How our fee structure works

At your initial consultation, your solicitor will agree with you on how the case is to be funded, whether by a fixed fee agreement, or by an hourly rate.

For most people, their biggest concern will be the cost of the legal work and how to budget for this.

We understand that having to consult lawyers itself is a stressful task, and we want to make things as simple and straight forward as possible, which is why we can usually agree on a fixed fee for the majority of the work we do.

We have found our clients prefer this as it gives them greater peace of mind, and gives them the ability to manage the cost of their case better, knowing that costs won’t spiral. 

Your solicitor will advise if this is appropriate at your initial consultation, and can discuss with you the range of options you have in this regard. Please speak to us to see whether this would be applicable to your case.

If we do not agree on a fixed fee for a fixed amount of work and service level, our fee will be calculated taking into consideration a variety of factors, including the amount of work we need to do, the importance and complexity of the work; the timescales; the risk to the firm; the amount of experience needed to do the work, and the level of personal service requested.

If an hourly rate is agreed upon, your scope of works will set out what our charging arrangements will be, and we will provide you with a breakdown of the work that has been carried out periodically for transparency. 

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Fees were as expected and took all of the worry and stress out of the process. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and use in future. Excellent service.


Believe me it’s worth it! If you’re not sure, do yourself a favour and make the call. You won’t be disappointed!


Scullion LAW have acted admirably on my behalf… I initially instructed Scullion to be my lawyers after not having faith in my previous one. The difference was night and day; constant communication, made well aware of the process, and kept up to date and advised at all times. The pricing was higher than my previous solicitor, however we are all aware you pay for the quality you receive.


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