Congratulations to our recently appointed Executive Director, Charmaine Trainor.

It is with great delight we announce the very well deserved promotion of Charmaine to Executive Director of Scullion LAW. After 9 years with the firm Charmaine has progressed from reception to Head of Client Care. We are so proud of all of her personal and professional achievements. This promotion is in recognition of her excellent work.



Upon receiving the promotion Charmaine said ‘I place my gratitude in all of you who believed in me and gave me a chance…’ read on to find out more.


Nicholas says: ‘This promotion is in recognition of Charmaine’s brilliant work and I look forward to seeing what the future holds. It is well deserved. Charmaine has been an advocate and campaigner for client care since she joined the firm. She’s always asked customers for feedback whilst on reception and used that feedback as an opportunity to improve the way we do things. Client Focus is now part of our DNA and a core value which shows how effective this focus has been. More recently she has collaborated with Nicholas to manage the Client Care/ sales team to ensure every enquiry is followed up and she works closely with Hazel and Yvonne to fill every lead with the trust and confidence to instruct us. This has allowed us to take the firm up market with a focus on high end work. We are famous for Client Care and I am proud that Charmaine has been recognised for all of her efforts in this promotion to Executive Director. Please join me in congratulating her this morning’.


Quote from Charmaine ‘I am delighted to step into my new role and want to thank you all for your immense support. In terms of background, what a journey it has been. I joined Scullion LAW in October 1st 2012 ( 2 weeks after arriving with my family from California) and started at reception role. I didn’t even know how to turn on a computer but I did have a natural passion and flair for speaking to people and seized the opportunity to gain more experience.

Client Care has always been at the heart of Scullion LAW thanks to the strong foundations set by Mr & Mrs S. However, after a few years of speaking to clients every day whilst on reception, I saw an opportunity to expand upon this value of ‘care’ as I felt there was a gap in the market compared to USA.

I brought this to the attention of NS who loved the idea and continued to work at reception with a focus on customer service. In 2014 in addition to working part time at SL I went to work with young addicts.

I returned to SL full time in 2016 as Client Care Manager and was thrilled when we won the first ever National Legal Award for excellence in Client Care a project which I collaborated with the wider team on.

In November 2020 I came back from furlough and jumped into a sales role within the court department and family law department. Our team continue to go from strength to strength and I’m really enjoying the buzz of being in sales. We plan to expand this team and I’m excited for the future.

The last 9 years has been such a journey of hard work and massive change but the road has been fun and very exciting.  I am greatly appreciative of my wonderful colleagues and place my gratitude in all of you who believed in me and gave me a chance.

We should never underestimate the power of positive feedback and the importance of client reviews so please keep up the good work team.

Thank you.






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