Crimes Against The Person: Safeguarding Your Legal Rights

Navigating the complex realm of Crimes Against The Person requires a dedicated legal team. Crimes against the person encompass serious offences such as murder, rape, serious assault, and aggravated offences involving offensive weapons. Our seasoned defence lawyers will navigate this intricate legal landscape to secure your rights.

Kris Buchanan, Urfan Dar, and Anna MacKay discuss Dommestic Abuse Defence

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We have a long history of successfully defending the rights of people charged with crimes against the person. This is where an act has been committed on another member of the public and includes the most serious charges, such as murder, rape, serious assault, and violent acts involving offensive weapons, as well as much lesser charges such as breaches of the peace and more minor assaults. These are the most common types of offences seen by the courts, and you will see trials for these taking place in every court in the land on an almost daily basis. Whether your defence is that of self-defence, self-defence of another, the defence of necessity or duress, or provocation, successfully challenging offences of this nature will require a comprehensive analysis of the law and a robust cross-examination. You need to know the law. We can help guide you and give you the best defence possible.

Guiding You Through Legal Challenges

Facing charges for crimes against the person can be overwhelming. We understand the potential life-altering consequences and work diligently to build a robust defence, engaging specialists to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Crimes against the person encompass a range of severe offences, including but not limited to:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Serious Assault
  • Violent Acts with Offensive Weapons
  • Other Aggravated Offences

Mounting a winning defence can be complex and arduous. We excel at being methodical and communicative, so you are never left in the dark. Our approach involves:

  • Thoroughly examining the circumstances of the alleged offence
  • Crafting a defence strategy that considers the unique aspects of the case
  • Engaging with experts in personal security to bolster the defence

The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 serves as a foundational legal framework, addressing various offences against individuals and stipulating corresponding penalties.

Remember, you are not alone. No matter the charges against you, Scullion LAW is with you all the way!

It was a great help for someone to be perfectly honest and friendly it let me know exactly what I was facing so I could make a proper decision on what I had to decide.


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So helpful kept me calm although making sure I knew the matter was serious… Scullion LAW kept in contact and messaged me throughout checking up on me which was so nice. I wasn’t just number to them. I highly recommend their service.


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I’ve had a court case and I’ve been supported fully by my lawyer Urfan Dar. He reassured me and was brilliant all the way through and still can’t thank him enough.


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I would strongly recommend you to go to Scullion LAW, the service was exceptional and everyone I dealt with where great, a law firm that knows what they are doing and puts you first.


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Criminal Law Team Discuss domestic abuse defence
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