Going to court doesn’t have to be the only option

Choosing the right path for you can sometimes be a difficult journey. We can help advise you on the best course of action whether it be mediation, creating a Minute of Agreement or collaboration to achieve the best possible outcome for all.

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Here's how we can help

Mediation Experts

Offering families who are experiencing conflict the opportunity to reach their own arrangements with the intervention of an independent third person.

Reduce Stress

We can help reduce formal court action through a Minute of Agreement, safeguarding your investments or reaching an agreement about ongoing financial commitments.

Collaborative Law

Our specialists can help you find the best solutions by agreement, rather than through court proceedings.

Finding solutions

If you and your ex-spouse are struggling to agree on the division of finances, what to do with the family home, where your child will live, or how often you will get to see them, seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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Here to help, every step of the way.

Mediation offers families who are experiencing conflict the opportunity to reach their own arrangements with the intervention of an independent third person. For mediation to work effectively, both parties must be willing to put aside their differences, participate fully, and be open and honest about any concerns they have. The trained mediator will assist with sorting out any disagreements and will remain impartial.

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Looking for advice on collaborative law?

We understand the collaborative process is not for everyone. It requires both parties to be open and honest and to search for a fair solution for everybody. You also have to trust each other throughout. At the start of the process, you are all encouraged to sign an ‘agreement’ that commits you to try to resolve the issues with respect and integrity without going to court and prevents both lawyers from representing either of you in court if the collaborative process breaks down at any stage. This means that everyone is absolutely committed to finding the best solutions by agreement, rather than through court proceedings.

Is Collaboration the right route?

To help you decide if Collaboration is the best choice for you, ask yourself…

Do I want a civilised, respectful resolution of the issues arising from my separation?

Do I want to keep open the possibility of civil contact with my spouse/partner in the future?

Do I want to have the best co-parenting relationship possible with my spouse/partner?

Do I want to protect my children from the fallout associated with traditional court cases?

Do we have friends and/or extended family that each of us wants to keep in contact with?

Do I want to take personal responsibility for handling this conflict with integrity?

Do I want to retain control over the decision-making as opposed to leaving it to a judge?

Do I want to reach an outcome more specific and suitable to my personal family situation?

Do I understand that conflict resolution with integrity involves not only achieving my goals but also finding a way to achieve the reasonable goals of my spouse/partner and our children?

Will I commit all my resources and energy towards creative problem-solving rather than towards seeking recrimination and/or revenge?

Am I ready to fix the problem rather than to fix blame?

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Answered “yes” to these questions?

Collaboration may be the right step for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can help every step of the way.

While mediation is primarily there to help separating couples sort out future arrangements, a family breakdown can take an emotional toll on all family members involved. Recent statistics suggest that up to one million grandparents in the UK are split from their grandchildren following a separation in the family. Mediation is open to anyone affected by a change in family dynamics and supports parents, children, grandparents and other family members.

Mediation involves an independent third party – the mediator – who helps separating couples work out how to resolve any disputes. The mediator does not legally advise either party, take sides or make judgements, but instead, is there to support those involved by ensuring that both parties get a chance to communicate what is important to them so they can make practical plans for the future.

Mediation is a confidential process whereby any discussions are not disclosed outside the mediation hearing unless both parties agree to it or if there are issues concerning a child’s safety.

Here to support your family

Since having Scullion LAW instructed to help with a child arrangement issue, they have been unbelievable. Laura Cousins was instructed to take the case and has been honest and open throughout. Ensuring rational decisions were made and offering sound legal advise. She assured me from the first call and made sure that my views were heard. I felt listened to for the first time in the process and felt my views and opinions mattered. When Laura was unavailable Judith Higson stepped in to offer advise and again I felt like I mattered and they were they to help. I honestly can’t recommend this firm enough. Every step of the way they have communicated well, been empathetic to my situation and made sure that we progressed in the right direction.


Scullion LAW have acted admirably on my behalf. Although the case has not been completed, it has filled me with confidence from the start. I initially instructed Scullion to be my lawyers after not having faith in my previous one. The difference was night and day; constant communication, made well aware of the process, and kept up to date and advised at all times. The pricing was higher than my previous solicitor, however we are all aware you pay for the quality you receive. I cannot fault them one bit and I am certainly happy how Judith has handled my case so far, assisted by Samantha at times.


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