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Lucy McKenna, Solicitor, joined the firm in 2020 to substantially bolster the service and capacity the criminal and road traffic team have to offer and brings her own depth of expertise to the firm. She has experience in all criminal court procedures and has specific expertise in appellate proceedings having completed her traineeship at Messrs Paterson Bell Solicitors, a well-known firm with an appeals specialism, whom we continue to instruct as our Edinburgh agents. She has a keen interest in all aspects of Criminal Law and seeks to get the best results for her clients.

Lucy continues to develop her advocacy skills at Scullion LAW providing clients with an excellent service in all criminal and road traffic matters. She is a fast learner and can adapt to change quickly as evidenced by the high standard of service provided to clients during the pandemic and a very challenging period for all members of society.

Lucy has developed a keen interest in the Dangerous Dogs Act. She has a keen passion for animals, especially dogs. This has encouraged her to develop her knowledge in this specialist area of law. She has a keen interest in helping those who are facing charges when their dogs have been seized by the police. She works tirelessly to achieve the best outcome possible for them and their dog. Lucy has developed her knowledge within this area of law and has developed relationships with dog behaviourists and therapists to assist in preparing cases in this complex area of law.

Whilst a trainee, Lucy was involved in the preparation of the following cases conducting legal research, drafting and lodging documents, obtaining instructions and acting as instructing agent to lead Counsel in the appeal court, gaining a wealth of experience prior to joining Scullion LAW in the undernoted cases: –

Appeal of CCTV evidence – case of S: –  

This appeal clarified the status of CCTV footage for the purposes of corroboration. It confirmed that where the only evidence of the crime libelled is the recorded footage and where its provenance is established, it can provide sufficient evidence of the ‘actus reus’ of an offence. During preparation, Lucy provided Counsel with extensive legal research, drafting legal submissions and formal court documents in order to assist both court and Counsel. During the appeal hearing, Lucy was the instructing solicitor. See the article here.

Bail Appeals and COVID-19 – Cases of JD and BK: –

This is currently the leading case on entitlement to bail during a period of extended remand during the Coronavirus pandemic. This included extensive legal research, taking instructions from the client and drafting documents including preparing a brief for counsel and attending the appeal as instructing agent with Counsel. See the article here.

Corroboration – KJ Case: –

This case involved a doctor convicted of serious sexual offences in the High Court and coincidentally relates to an instruction Urfan was involved in at his previous firm as the lead solicitor. After conviction, Lucy assisted lead Counsel in conducting research, examining the manner in which the offence was alleged to have been corroborated and liaised in depth with the primary agents, taking obstructions and preparing a brief of papers for Counsel who argued the appeal. Lucy gained considerable experience with Counsel, sitting in as instructing agent on a number of appeals that particular day and on many other occasions watching Counsel present and develop technical arguments in the appeal court forum. See judgment here.

Testimonials: –

JH (February 2021)– “I want to thank Scullion LAW and especially Lucy McKenna for excellent work as my Lawyer. I know Lucy has a lot of clients, so her prompt response and attention to detail really meant a lot in and out of Court with great results. Lucy made me feel at ease as I was very nervous and kept me updated and fully aware of the case. I would highly recommend Scullion LAW to anyone. Fabulous service. I thank you, Lucy McKenna and all the team at Scullion LAW”. 

John (March 2021) – “I must say Kris at Scullion LAW offered very helpful advice and his colleague Lucy was magnificent. I can’t thank her enough. I must say Kris and his advice was very helpful and during my second hearing meanwhile corresponding at any time with Lucy was 100 percent. I must say at and leading up to 3rd and last Lucy was magnificent and can’t thank her enough!”

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