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Failing to meet compliance and regulatory obligations can have a detrimental impact on your business and lead to significant financial and emotional distress.  Modern-day businesses, charities, and other institutions face increasingly complex compliance rules that can adversely affect their prospects. Steps must be taken early and in advance to protect the health and reputation of the institution or company and any affected shareholders, directors, certain key employees, and other stakeholders.

Here you will find some ways our team can help solve issues you may be facing as it pertains to compliance and regulatory offences.

  1. Our experienced Solicitors and Solicitor Advocates are best placed to advise you of the risks of facing prosecution and the possible impact it may have on your livelihood and your reputation. We aim to safeguard your interests and protect your reputation in cases where the legislation results in individual officers of the company/organisation and/or the company/organisation being prosecuted for compliance and regulatory breaches. 
  2. Our distinguished team of experts often advise companies, shareholders and directors, charities, and other institutions about the implications of criminal, compliance, and regulatory matters and understands the crossover between conflicting priorities between shareholders, investor agreements, the framing of articles of association, restrictive covenants, employee contracts, director contracts, allegations of gross misconduct, and the views of any relevant regulatory bodies.
  3. We regularly instruct expert witnesses in order to support your case and construct a reliable defence to certain allegations. We are in a position to assist you in a variety of situations and will always look to problem solve and negotiate a resolution that best suits your needs. 
  4. Each regulatory body has a different set of powers, and we can guide you through the difficult procedures of interview under caution, the exercise of search warrants, and the seizure of evidence to ameliorate your position.
  5. If your business or organisation is charged with a contravention of Health & Safety legislation or policy and procedures, it is essential that you have the right expert legal defence advice from the beginning. Remedying the position can be expensive and damaging for the relevant entity and can lead to loss of liberty and reputation. 
  6. If you are charged with a Health & Safety offence, you are recommended to seek immediate advice.  At Scullion LAW, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with these matters and can ensure your rights and privileges are preserved from the outset. We can represent your interests, interpret Health & Safety legislation for you, and negotiate resolutions with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (“COPFS”) and the Health & Safety Executive (“HSE”). 
  7. In relation to directors’ offences, directors’ liabilities, intellectual property theft and infringements, an investigation for fraud, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, corruption, and other related financial crimes, we provide specialist legal advice to all individuals affected by allegations of corporate crime. 

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