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Competitive Pricing

We offer a high-quality service with competitive, transparent conveyancing fees for your peace of mind.

Integrated Service

We can coordinate the sale of your current property and the purchase of your new one for a seamless moving experience.


As we assist clients with buying and selling, we have an extensive understanding of the Scottish property market.

Client Care is at the heart of everything we do.

We listen to what you want and provide a service that meets your needs. That’s why we guarantee to answer your queries promptly and effectively, keep you informed throughout the home-selling process and help you have a positive experience overall. We work hard to deliver the results you want, on time and within budget.

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Selling a property should be exciting, not challenging.

Our down-to-earth and practical approach to selling sets us apart from other law firms and allows you to know exactly what’s happening and when. Our team will deal with problems before they can cause delays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can help every step of the way.

If you’re selling your home, under most circumstances it’s highly recommended that you work with Property Professionals to help you manage the complex legal stages involved. Although you may be worried about the cost of this service, Property Solicitors provide vital services such as negotiating the contract and transferring the legal ownership of the property from seller to buyer.

A big advantage of using Scullion LAW to sell your home in Scotland is that we’ve specialist knowledge of the local Glasgow area and all kinds of properties. We also take a refreshingly energetic and dynamic approach to Conveyancing and Property Law services, which sets us apart from our competitors.

There are many ways you can advertise the selling price of your property. One of the most common is to state the price as ‘offers over’. This means that the price advertised is the minimum price you’re willing to accept but, ideally, you would like more.

On the other hand, you could offer the property at a ‘fixed price’ – this means that where someone offers you the price stated, this will secure the sale. However, you’re also free to accept offers below the price stated.

You’ll receive offers from the solicitors of potential buyers. Offers contain basic details, such as the purchase price and a proposed date of entry, and often more technical details, such as liability for necessary repairs. It’s important to note that we may advise against accepting the highest offer if the terms aren’t agreeable, for example where there is a complex property chain.

Our team will be involved throughout the process of accepting the right offer.
There will usually be a period of negotiation, known as the missives, between the buyer’s solicitor and us before the contract is concluded. Our Property Experts will consult with you during this period of negotiation to ensure your needs are met.

During missives, the offer isn’t yet legally binding, and either party may decide they don’t want to continue with the transaction. After a full agreement has been reached, the contract must be signed. At that point, the missives are concluded and the contract is legally binding. The parties may no longer freely break the contract. Otherwise, they may be liable to pay compensation to the other party. This means if you receive a better offer after this date, you’ll not be able to accept it without a significant penalty.

The sale will be complete on the agreed date of entry; this is where you’ll receive payment for your property, and the legal ownership and keys to the property are transferred to the buyer. It’s our responsibility as your legal team to deliver the keys and the disposition to the buyers, who are now, in fact, the owners.

The disposition transfers the title to the new owner and is registered with the Land Register. The buyer’s solicitor will deliver a cheque for the full amount of the purchase price, or the payment can be made by BACS transfer.

If you still have a loan outstanding on the property, this must be paid off at this stage. We can deal with this on your behalf and obtain a redemption statement from your bank or building society.

Ensuring you can move with confidence

As a foreign investor I had lots of questions and reservations about going into this without any knowledge. Yvonne was the first to respond in my search for a solicitor and patiently answered all of my questions which was tremendous to me. I am excited to begin my search for the first property and look forward to closing many more deals with them.


The service we received from Farrah was simply first class. Each part of the process re our house sale and purchase was explained to us in clear, manageable steps. Farrah kept us up to speed with progress in a timely fashion which was very reassuring for us. We also felt that we could contact her at any time with concerns or queries. Thank you so much again!

Eleanor and Michael

Scullions LAW represented me in the conveyancing matters the I was buying my new flat. I was extremely happy with the service from both solicitors and support staff – from my first contact with the firm they were quick to respond to all enquiries or contact, and extremely helpful and friendly. I would recommend their services and I was particularly happy with my solicitor, Nick Harbison.


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