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Your driving licence, car, job, and reputation could be in real jeopardy if you are prosecuted for a Drink Driving offence. Ask for Scullion LAW Road Traffic Experts or contact our specialist Drink Driving Lawyers without delay to ensure you receive the immediate advice, assistance, and representation you need from your point of contact with the police to the conclusion of your case in court.

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We understand better than anyone how much your driving licence means to you and that crippling feeling of despair that takes hold of you when faced with a charge for Drink Driving. Trust our team of specialist Drink Driving Lawyers to handle your case with the professionalism and discretion you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spend every day in court proving that misconception to be entirely false. Police witnesses are trained in giving evidence, and regularly appear at court giving evidence. As such, you can expect that the standard of evidence given by police officers will be much higher than most civilian witnesses. Notably however, police receive no special status in court, and like civilian witnesses, they too can get it wrong. This is where the benefits of choosing a Specialist Road Traffic Lawyer come into play. Our solicitors are adept at cross-examining experienced Police witnesses and derailing the Crown case against you.

The penalties for being found guilty of drink driving are severe and can have life-changing consequences. They include:

  • A minimum 12-month driving ban
  • A possible fine of up to £5,000
  • A risk of being imprisoned for up to six months
  • An increased risk of losing your vehicle

This is where the quality of your legal representation can make the difference. Our specialist Road Traffic Offence Lawyers regularly persuade the courts to allow our clients to sit the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Scheme, reducing their period of disqualification, and have never lost a motor vehicle to forfeiture by the Procurator Fiscal.

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I contacted scullion after being charged with some serious road traffic offences. At the first court date it turned out it was more serious than I thought! But thankfully Anna was on hand to keep me calm and make a fantastic plea deal. On the day of sentencing Urfan guided me through this and mitigated on my behalf to an outstanding level which resulted in me receiving the best possible outcome. Without their expertise, guidance and reassurance who knows what the outcome may have been. I can’t thank them enough for their service. I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome.



Micheal Stewart is the best defence lawyer I have had the privilege to meet. I was falsely accused of a driving offence which was an extremely worrying time. Micheal was confident from day one and put my mind at ease. Extremely friendly but exceptionally thorough from start to finish and the level of professionalism from start to finish was excellent. After this successful defence and a NOT GUILTY verdict I would recommend Micheal Stewart to any of my friends and family and to anyone else for that matter.



Having never needed solicitors previously Kristopher & all at Scullion LAW kept me posted from my 1st phone call to the very end result. Guided me through each stage of the process & I felt that I could ask them any question & was made to feel at ease. Great advice & can honestly say they prepared my case very well & got me the best possible outcome. Would highly recommend!


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Sincerely grateful to Nicholas Scullion and Kris Buchanan for representing me in court. With 30 years+ driving experience pleading Not Guilty to a motoring offence and having to go through the trial diets, at court, in person, was a first for me. From the initial contact with Nicholas and Kris, I was confident both were giving their best to achieve the best outcome. Explaining the details of the unfamiliar court process and what should be done, and when, was explained with clarity. Both were professional and knew their stuff. They had clearly thought through the possible approaches, in advance of the court dates and when in court knew what to say, and when, The result was deserted simpliciter. No hesitation in recommending Scullion LAW. Worth every penny.


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Don’t panic. You have more options than you think.

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