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I joined Scullion Law in 2020 as a Solicitor Advocate having gained extensive experience throughout Scotland in the management, direction, and presentation of the High Court, sheriff and jury, and summary trials.

I was granted extended rights of audience and admitted as a Solicitor Advocate in 2014, and I am entitled to appear as counsel in the High Court of Justiciary and Court of Appeal. I am a dedicated professional committed to providing a first-class standard of service. I am skilled in the interpretation and application of the law and have gained a reputation for being a creative legal thinker who is honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the pursuit of justice and equality.

Interesting facts:

I was granted extended rights of audience and admitted as a Solicitor Advocate in 2014, becoming the first Muslim Solicitor Advocate in Scotland.

About my work in the firm

I joined the firm in 2020.

I have acted in a number of complex cases involving crimes against the person, crimes against property, murder, terrorism offences, financial crime, complex fraud, corporate and white-collar crime, extradition, fatal accident inquiries, proceeds of crime, serious and organised crime, sexual offences, drug offences, firearms offences, offensive weapons, public order offences, contempt of court proceedings, road traffic offences, including causing death by dangerous driving charges, dangerous and careless driving, drink driving, driving whilst disqualified, and other minor RTA offences. I have also instructed and conducted criminal appeals in appellate proceedings at the High Court of Justiciary.

I have been instructed as both Solicitor and Solicitor Advocate in murder cases at Glasgow High Court which have led to acquittals, serious road traffic matters including causing death by dangerous driving cases, successful appeals by way of stated case procedure for high profile individuals, high profile Extradition cases, the first music file sharing prosecution in Scotland, the first case in the UK where the use of animal DNA was used to prosecute an individual, the first money laundering prosecution in Scotland, a number of fatal accident inquiries, cases of prominence before the appeal court involving the sentencing of children and vulnerable persons in Scotland, cases involving specialist procedure including the application of the mental health provisions in terms of successfully pleading special defences by reason of mental disorder in terms of section 51A of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 and procuring positive outcomes for persons considered to be unfit for trial in terms of section 53F of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.

I love helping people in difficult predicaments. I am a hard-working and motivated individual. I am confident and enthusiastic about my work as a legal practitioner. I enjoy a legal challenge and working on interesting cases.


I have developed excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and recognise the importance of being able to work efficiently, both individually and as part of a team. I have a flexible and adaptable approach to working, teaching, research, and administration. I enjoy mentoring younger members of staff and students who are keen to learn and seeking opportunities to enhance their professional development.

How I can help

I have always been committed to providing a high quality of service and engagement in assisting persons who may be negotiating a highly critical stage of their lives and am passionate about representing clients robustly and applying the law in a forensic and cohesive manner. I am reactive to urgent situations and changes in the law in order to assist clients and keep them fully informed.

Why me?

Serving the interests of justice and protecting the rights and liberties of citizens lie at the heart of the commitment the firm offers. Safeguarding human rights, and acting with independence and integrity in striving to protect the interests of the client are fundamental obligations. Confidentiality and the provision of professional service are guaranteed.


Related Links

Urfan has gained extensive experience in recent years, having been involved in many serious cases involving human trafficking, FAIs, and particularly murder cases, of which a brief selection is listed below:

Brian Corrigan FAI into the death of Alan Hay at HMP Barlinnie, 2019–2020; This was a significant FAI that lasted 14 days and had implications for Police Scotland, court and prison officers as it related to findings of inadequate monitoring, care and detection of a prisoner’s condition, whereby he died of acute peritonitis due to a perforated ulcer. Urfan was instructed on behalf of the family of the deceased and strongly criticised the conduct of staff charged with his care within his oral and written submissions. This was one of three significant FAIs Urfan conducted in recent years allowing him to gain specialist experience in the field. See written judgment here and news article

Mirjan Kastrani – human trafficking case – Sept 2019; This was a significant case as it involved lodging a preliminary argument and appeal against sentence on the basis that the accused was a victim of human trafficking, with reference to specific case law and authority, which led to a significant reduction in sentence. See the BBC news article here

Steven Chesney FAIMarch 2018; This was a significant FAI into the conduct of the police who detained the accused who subsequently died in police custody. Please see article

William Main FAI into the death of  Raygen Merchant – 2018; This was an important FAI into the conduct of prison staff following the death of a young offender at HMYOI Polmont. See article

Sandra Weir – High Court Murder – 2017, This was a highly publicised and brutal murder where Urfan was instructed as Junior Counsel. This is one of many significant murder cases Urfan has been instructed in, in recent years allowing him to gain specialist experience in the field. Please see article

James McGowan – High Court Murder – 2017; This was a highly publicised murder where the accused was found guilty of an unsolved murder in the Coatbridge area from 1999 – Urfan was instructed as Junior Counsel in this case  – See BBC News article

William Gauley – 2017 – High Court Murder – 2017; This was a two-accused murder whereby Urfan was again instructed as Junior Counsel leading to a successful acquittal for both accused. See the BBC news article here

Wallace – PO – 2017; This was a high-profile case for a former prison officer who pled guilty to smuggling controlled drugs into a prison. Urfan was the lead solicitor in the case. Please see the article attached

Urfan regularly receives positive feedback from clients via our review platform, as displayed below. All reviews can be accessed via this link

Charitable Work

An avid cyclist, I joined MearnsCC to cycle the Ayrshire Alps to raise funds for the Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeal.

Urfan Dar with other cyclists
Cycling map for MearnsCC

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