Our solicitors can help with Wills for property abroad

Whatever your unique sitaution is, our trusted solicitors are availble to help you with a Will to protect your assets abroad.

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Tailored Service

Each client’s circumstances are unique to them. Our team makes sure the advice you receive is tailored to you.


We will conduct all your affairs with the professionalism, dignity, and respect they deserve.

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Does your Will cover assets overseas?

Each country has different inheritance and tax laws. If you are living in the UK but have assets abroad, it is important that your Will covers your overseas assets. From having a foreign bank account to a holiday home abroad, your estate will be considered a “cross border” estate; essentially meaning it covers more than one country. Even if you live in the UK, the assets you own abroad may be subject to the inheritance laws of that particular country. It may well be the case that you require a separate Will in the country where the asset is situated.

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Expert legal advice from a trusted source

It is extremely important to consult a solicitor whose expertise can ensure that your assets will be dealt with appropriately; no matter where they are in the world. Our experienced and caring team are on hand to discuss your personal requirements. We can assist by creating a bespoke Will to engaging with solicitors across the world to ensure you have the correct Will(s) in place. Without doing this, it is highly unlikely that your wishes will be followed and your foreign estate may well be left to those you wouldn’t choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can help every step of the way.

  • Ensuring your wishes are followed concerning your assets after death
  • It can make life easier for those you leave behind
  • You can provide for vulnerable beneficiaries and children
  • You can nominate a guardian to look after your children
  • A Will could help you plan for your Inheritance Tax obligations

Dying without a Will (intestate) can make things more complicated and stressful for those left behind because the law decides who gets what, and often this is not in keeping with your wishes. This can be a very impersonal, time-consuming, and expensive process.

We recommend you review your Will every 3–5 years, especially if your circumstances have changed. If, for example, you get married, divorced, move in with a new partner, have children or grandchildren, receive an inheritance, or if the executor, beneficiaries, or guardians named in your existing Will die, you should update your Will as soon as possible.

Executors are the people you appoint in your Will (usually a friend, family member, or someone you trust) to manage your estate, following your wishes for the future. You can have more than one executor. We can act as an executor for you if you like. Our experienced team promises to handle all your personal affairs with the professionalism, dignity, and respect you deserve. Your Will is personal and unique to you, which is why our service is bespoke.

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