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At Scullion LAW, we recently had the privilege of hosting a Remembrance networking event on November 9, 2023, at our Hamilton office. This heartfelt occasion was a reflection of our commitment to honouring the fallen, celebrating the Armed Forces, and solidifying our dedication to the Defence community.

The event brought together local companies and organisations that share our passion for supporting the Defence community. It was an opportunity for like-minded professionals to connect, network, and reflect on the sacrifices made by our military personnel for the freedoms we hold dear.

Promise for the Future: Armed Forces Covenant Signing at Remembrance Networking Event

Amidst the solemn remembrance, we marked a significant milestone by formally signing the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC). This commitment underscores our promise to treat those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and their families fairly and without disadvantage. The AFC aligns seamlessly with our enduring dedication to the well-being and acknowledgement of armed forces members.

Behind the Commitment: A Reservist’s Perspective

At Scullion LAW, our connection to the Armed Forces runs deep. 2Lt. Stephanie Grieve, a Senior Solicitor at our firm and a proud Army Reservist with the 243 Provost Company 1st Regiment Royal Military Police (RMP), has been a driving force behind our new era of commitment to the Armed Forces Forces. Steph leads our Military Law service.

2Lt. Stephanie Grieve, Senior Solicitor

Stephanie reflects, “Scullion Law has a long-standing connection with the Armed Forces. Our founder, Nicholas J. Scullion, has an affinity for the Armed Forces. As a Reservist myself, I want to continue this Forces-friendly legacy and bring my passion for the law and the Armed Forces together.”

We’ve witnessed Steph’s dedication firsthand and have been unwaveringly supportive of her Reservist duties. “Scullion Law has been hugely supportive, ensuring I can easily train and attend camps. I got injured towards the end of training this summer, and the firm couldn’t have been more supportive as I recovered,” she shares.

Steph emphasises the value that Reservists bring to the business environment. As she stated, “In general, Reservists are quick-learning, confident individuals who bring that fantastic Armed Forces mentality to any task or challenge. I would strongly recommend employing Reservists because they bring a lot of their military skills into the civilian workplace.”

A Symbolic Presentation: Armed Forces Covenant and Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award

During the event, Scullion LAW was formally presented with the AFC. This symbolises our resolute commitment to supporting armed forces members, whether in active service or veterans. Additionally, we were honoured to receive the Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award, highlighting our dedication to fostering a military-friendly workplace.

L-R Mr Nicholas J Scullion (Founder), Nicholas Scullion (MD), Lt Col Hugo Clark, and Judith Higson (Director)

A poignant moment occurred when Stephanie, representing her unit, presented a commemorative plaque to our founder, Mr Nicholas J Scullion. This gesture served as a powerful reminder of the strong bond between our legal practice and the military.

At Scullion LAW, we remain steadfast in our support and look forward to continuing the journey of collaboration and appreciation for the incredible individuals who have dedicated themselves to the service of our country.

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