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Every day in Scotland, drivers are stopped by the police for driving without valid insurance. This often comes as a surprise to them. However, it’s vital to know that even if you’re guilty of not having insurance, you don’t always need to accept the fixed penalty offer of six penalty points and a £300 fine. You have more options than you think. In this article, we break down what being charged could mean for you. We also explore what possible avenues there are to avoid serious repercussions.

The Police’s Toolbox 

While on patrol, the police have access to the Police National Computer, a treasure trove of information about every vehicle on the road. This includes details on insurance and MOT certificates. As they trail your vehicle through traffic, they can discreetly verify your vehicle’s information. This is how many drivers find themselves pulled over for driving without insurance, and often this is the first time the drivers become aware that they don’t have insurance.

It is important to stop when ordered to by the police. If it is discovered that your insurance is invalid, you are going to need expert advice to avoid fines and/or points on your licence.

Police Stop woman to check if she is driving without insurance

Contesting the Claim 

Drivers frequently dispute the assertion of not having valid insurance when stopped. If you genuinely believe you’re insured, the police usually contact the Motor Insurance Bureau for more information. They maintain a comprehensive database of motor insurance policies, and within minutes, the police can confirm if you’re covered.

In cases where instant verification isn’t possible, the police will issue a HORT/1 form. This form gives you a seven-day window to provide proof of insurance at your local police station.

Interestingly, it’s not uncommon for drivers to mistakenly believe they have valid insurance. Insurance companies can cancel policies for various reasons, and this may include missed payments or incomplete information. The problem then arises when insurers fail to inform the driver about the policy’s cancellation or the insured party never receives an email or letter advising them that their policy is being cancelled.

Picture this scenario: you’ve been diligently paying your insurance premiums, and you have the paperwork to prove it. You’re confident that you’re driving legally. However, a missed payment or an issue with the information you provided to your insurer invalidates your coverage. You never received any correspondence or notification that your policy was cancelled.

The “Special Reasons” Argument for driving without insurance

Typically, having insurance is black or white—you either have it or you don’t. Fortunately, Scottish law recognises that there is a grey area in between—drivers can genuinely believe they’re insured, only to discover they’re not when stopped by the police.

If you’re guilty of driving without insurance but genuinely believed you were covered, and that belief is reasonably held, you have a potent tool at your disposal: a “special reasons” argument.

The Importance of Proper Presentation

The “special reasons” argument convinces the court that, although you’re technically guilty, special circumstances led to the situation. Such as genuinely believing you were insured. Or proving your cover got cancelled without your knowledge.

However, not every case qualifies for the “special reasons” argument. So, it’s crucial to present your case correctly. We possess the expertise and experience to prepare your argument meticulously, supported by the latest legal precedents.

Successfully making a “special reasons” argument depends on presenting it correctly. It’s a nuanced legal process that requires attention to detail. We have the expertise and experience to ensure your case is methodically prepared and presented.

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