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About me

I joined Scullion LAW at the start of 2023 as their Information Technology Coordinator.

Before this, I studied Computing in college before realising my passion was in Cyber Security. I studied this for a further 3 years to achieve my BEng in Cyber Security.

Scullion LAW is a great place to work, and I hope to be able to use the skills that I have learned and the technology at my disposal to modernise the way that we work and deliver outstanding service.

Interesting facts:

I am an avid gamer; I have been playing them since I was around 8 years old. I have competed in many online and in-person tournaments!

About my work in the firm

My role within the firm is to deliver IT support to everyone in the company as well as help implement new technology to improve the efficiency of work.

I like to help people fix problems and make processes that are already in place better. Whether this be by simplifying existing structures or by finding a new piece of technology and implementing this into everyone’s daily work life to make things better and more efficient.


I would say I have good listening skills and the patience to deal with many issues at once. In this line of work, where not everyone is tech savvy, it helps to have these skills so that you are able to come to a resolution while also easily being able to explain what the issue was and how to solve it.

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