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About me

I am far from an ordinary Solicitor. With military parents, my background involves handling a lot of change- school, home, friends etc. For example, I attended approximately 12 schools before reaching University. One constant has been my drive and determination to become a Criminal Defence Solicitor. I have always wanted to help others in what is, arguably, the most difficult point in their life.

The Armed Forces has been a significant influence in my life. I have grown up in the Armed Forces Community and, since 2007, I have served in the Reserves whilst progressing my legal career. In March 2023, I attended Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and became a Commissioned Officer.

In addition to my qualifications in Scots Law, I have studied Military Law whereby I obtained 100% in my oral exam, delivered to several high ranking Officers. I am particularly interested in representing members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. I am in a unique position to understand exactly what Armed Forces Personnel, and their families, have experienced and to help all clients navigate the legal system with clear, straightforward advice.

Beyond my legal endeavours, I find joy in spending time with my young family and pursuing outdoor activities.

Interesting fact:

I am passionate about motorbikes and I have been known to arrive at Court on my Kawasaki ER-6f.

About my work in the firm

I started at Scullion LAW in June 2023 as Senior Solicitor. Over my career to date, I have gained a wealth of experience in representing clients all over Scotland in both Summary and Solemn matters. I am experienced in defending clients in all manner of cases, from Murder to Road Traffic matters. My dedication to my work has been widely recognized, and I have received accolades from both clients and legal professionals alike. Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight my professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering support throughout my client’s legal journeys.

In recent times, I have been liaising with the Armed Forces to offer assistance to military personnel in both civilian Courts and Court Martials. This assistance goes beyond Criminal Defence as I collaborate with other Solicitors within the firm to deliver expert legal representation in areas such as Family, Conveyancing and Executry.

When a client instructs our firm to defend them, they are at a particularly vulnerable point in their life. They face charges which will have a profound impact on their life, their family and their livelihood. I feel immensely privileged to represent my clients and to be in a position to make a difference in their lives.


To achieve extraordinary results, you must put in extraordinary effort. I am highly motivated and determined to achieve great results for my clients. I will always go the extra mile. I am a self-proclaimed “Perfectionist” and I believe that my work reflects this level of care and attention to detail.

I pride myself on embodying the Army’s Values and Standards. My extensive courtroom experience and meticulous preparation have consistently yielded successful outcomes for my clients.

How I can help

With my military background, coupled with my wealth of experience in Criminal Defence, clients can be assured that they will receive expert legal representation and that their cases will be handled professionally, efficiently and with great care and attention to detail.

Why me?

I believe that every client deserves great service, every time. I am keen to make a difference and to help clients when they need it most. I have the confidence, expert knowledge and determination to push my clients’ cases, test the Crown case and achieve outstanding results.

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