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Stephanie first cultivated her passion for law at the University of Stirling. There, she earned a Bachelor of Laws degree with honours. Steph subsequently obtained a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Glasgow. Ready to apply her education in practice, Stephanie then completed her professional legal traineeship at a small firm in Dumfries. This intensive, hands-on experience laid the strong foundation needed to launch a results-driven career.

During her time in Dumfries advocating for clients, Steph took on an array of complex cases spanning criminal law and family legal matters that truly showcased both her dedication to fighting injustice and her commitment to protecting the rights and overall well-being of vulnerable individuals otherwise unable to defend themselves. One particularly groundbreaking case early in her career involved Stephanie boldly representing a female client, accusing her husband of violent historic rape and abuse within the context of their marriage. Such nonconsensual spousal sexual offences were not yet recognised legally at that time. Despite facing incredibly long odds battling systemic sexism, Steph’s relentless and impassioned efforts ultimately drove progress towards acknowledging and achieving a just outcome for women experiencing domestic violence and trauma.

Additional career highlights on Stephanie’s impressive resume include assisting the legal defence team of a highly controversial and prominent client facing over 55 charges of child sexual abuse. Through her meticulous research, case preparation, and steadfast support in helping counsel build defence arguments, Steph played an integral role in successfully getting over two-thirds of the charges thrown out. This reduced the indictment from 55 counts down to 17.

Over the many years since embarking on this profession, Steph has developed into a tremendously skilled and agile courtroom advocate, representing clients across all levels of Scotland’s court system. She has successfully taken on a strikingly wide gamut of criminal defence cases. This includes charges related to violent assaults, sexual abuse, theft, arson, drug-related offences, domestic disputes, murder, and more.

Stephanie has built a reputation for achieving overwhelmingly positive outcomes, even when the stakes seem impossibly high. While criminal law is her specialty, Steph has also delivered results in family law. This versatility enables her to provide trusted, comprehensive legal counsel and advocacy to a wide array of clients.

In addition to her legal accomplishments, Stephanie has served in the British Army since 2007. In 2023, she completed her training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and she is now a Commissioned Officer. Her military background, combined with her legal expertise, uniquely positions her to represent military personnel facing prosecution. Steph’s first-hand knowledge of military procedures and training allows her to provide exceptional legal representation in both civilian court proceedings and Court Martial cases.

Unsurprisingly, her outstanding track record and tireless work ethic have not gone unnoticed. She has amassed lots of glowing testimonials from both legal peers and clients. Among the most prominent themes within these testimonials is praise for Steph’s consistency in providing clear, logically explained legal advice. Another common theme is her staunch commitment to keeping clients continually updated, which helps mitigate feelings of fear and powerlessness.

Beyond her legal endeavours, Stephanie finds joy in spending time with her young family and pursuing outdoor activities. Her passion for motorbiking showcases her adventurous spirit and determination—a reflection of the energy she brings to her legal practice.

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