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Honouring the Dedication and Commitment of Reservists

Reserves Day is an important occasion that shines a light on the invaluable contributions of Reservists to the Armed Forces and society. These remarkable individuals selflessly devote their spare time to serve in the Armed Forces, seamlessly balancing their civilian lives with a military career. All while remaining fit and ready to answer the call, if needed, with short notice.

Today, on 21st June 2023, we come together to celebrate Reserves Day and recognise the unwavering dedication, professionalism, and commitment of our Reservists in safeguarding our nation’s security, both at home and overseas.

Reserves Day: Acknowledging the Unsung Heroes

Reservists form an integral part of our Armed Forces, constituting approximately a sixth of military personnel. Their role in specialist areas such as medical, legal, and cyber is crucial, contributing significantly to our nation’s defence capabilities. However, their extraordinary efforts often go unnoticed, which is why Reserves Day was established—an annual occasion to highlight and honour the exceptional contributions of Reservists.

On this Reserves Day, we encourage everyone to keep an eye out for our Reservists who wear their uniforms in their civilian lives. These brave men and women could be your colleagues, friends, or family members, quietly embodying the spirit of service and sacrifice. As a nation, let us extend our gratitude to these unsung heroes serving our country.

Reservists at Scullion LAW: Showcasing Versatility and Dedication

At Scullion LAW, we have the privilege of working alongside two extraordinary Reservists who exemplify the spirit of Reserves Day. Sarah Fishwick is a Royal Navy Reservist and our Digital Marketing Manager on maternity leave. Stephanie Grieve is a Senior Solicitor and a Second Lieutenant in the Army. In honour of her service and the significance of Reserves Day, Stephanie proudly wore her full military uniform to work. With the prior permission of the Sheriff, she also attended court this morning to successfully defend a client at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in her military attire.

Reserves Day at Edinburgh Sherrif Court - Stephanie Grieve
Reserves Day at Edinburgh Sherrif Court: Stephanie Grieve

Stephanie Grieve: Balancing Military Service and Legal Career

Stephanie’s journey as a Reservist began in 2007, coinciding with the commencement of her studies at the University of Stirling. Stephanie currently serves with the Royal Military Police, with over 15 years of service and counting. Her dedication and commitment were recently recognised when she obtained the King’s Commission at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst—a remarkable achievement in her military career.

Throughout her service, Stephanie has trained extensively across the globe, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge in various areas. This has included Military Law. While simultaneously serving as a Reservist and pursuing her legal education, Stephanie obtained a Law Degree and a postgraduate degree. She embarked on her legal traineeship, steadily progressing her career to become the Senior Solicitor she is today at Scullion LAW. Stephanie’s military journey also played a part in her personal life, as she met her husband within the Armed Forces Community. Together, they have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Stephanie Grieve and her Daughter
Stephanie Grieve and her Daughter

A Message to Reservists Across the UK

On this Reserves Day, Scullion LAW extends a heartfelt message to Reservists across the United Kingdom. We salute your unwavering dedication, resilience, and commitment to serving our country. Your selflessness and willingness to sacrifice your time for the greater good inspire us all.

To the Reservists who balance civilian life and military service, we express our deepest gratitude. Your tireless efforts play a vital role in protecting our nation’s security. We recognise the challenges you face, the sacrifices you make, and the unwavering passion you bring to both your civilian and military endeavours.

Sarah and Stephanie, your dedication inspires us and reminds us of the profound impact one person can make.

Sarah Fishwick
Sarah Fishwick in Navy and civilian attire

Gratitude and Appreciation for Reservists

Reserves Day serves as a poignant reminder of the indispensable role Reservists play in safeguarding our nation’s security. As we celebrate Reserves Day, let us remember that Reservists are ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats. They embody the values of dedication, courage, and selflessness that make our Armed Forces strong.

On this Reserves Day, let us unite as a nation and celebrate the individuals who exemplify the true essence of service and sacrifice. Your contributions and selfless commitment are deeply appreciated and will forever be recognised.

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