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Do these things to help you sell your home better and faster

Preparation is key when selling your home. By doing some practical things, you can maximise the selling price and minimise ‘days to sell’ for your property. So, if you’re looking to sell your home this spring, here is some great advice.

1. First impressions count

Viewings don’t start from the inside of the house. This is because some buyers make their minds up before they even walk through the door. So make sure the surroundings look as good as possible. This goes beyond tidying up, it can involve giving the outside a facelift. So, if possible, paint the front door, replace light fixtures, tend to the flowers, and invest in a welcome mat.

2. De-clutter

If it feels like junk, it probably is. Just get rid of it. You want potential buyers to see themselves living there.  This can be hard to achieve if, for instance, there are many family photos on the walls. But be careful not to do away with too many personal items. This could make your house feel staged or bare.

3. Get your photos right BEFORE you list

Don’t launch with placeholder photos or without photos at all. This is because most properties receive 70% of their interest in the first two weeks on the market and you want to give a good first impression.  Be sure to include great high-quality photos. Also, include a floor plan. A great listing should have at least five photos, a floor plan, and a well-written and targeted property description. Professional property photography will help your property stand out and your agents can help you craft a winning property description.

4. Pets and viewings don’t mix 
Make sure pets are elsewhere and out of the way during viewings. Put away the cat litter tray and take the dog to doggy daycare. Because you don’t know what phobias or allergies potential buyers have, it is best to keep the property as neutral as possible to appeal to a wide enough audience.

5. Be accommodating at viewings
Be as accommodating as possible with viewings. If you chose to handle viewings yourself, you’ll need to be at your very best as a host. You can play through questions buyers may ask with your agent or family and friends. Do this by having practice viewings. If it is an open house event, we recommend leaving your agent to it. They are more experienced and skilled with it.

6. Price
It’s key to have a pricing strategy that reflects your objectives for the sale. You can decide that you want to price low for a quick sale. Or price high for more returns but with a slower sale. Whatever the objective, it is important to do your research, price competitively, and be ready for negotiations.

7. Listen to your agent 
Your estate agent has a vested interest in you successfully selling your home. So, seek as much advice as possible from them. Even if it’s something you believe you have the answers to, just ask the agent. Their insight may positively surprise you.

8. Listen to your Lawyers
As your lawyers, we owe you a fiduciary duty to give you advice that would serve your interests best. When it comes to an investment as valuable as property, don’t leave any stone unturned. We are here to help you!

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