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Conveyancing searches are produced by the selling solicitors when you are purchasing a property. These searchers are crucial for uncovering critical details about a property that may not be immediately apparent. These searches can reveal potential risks and issues that could significantly impact your decision, the valuation, or how you use the property. It is important to learn what types of searches you are most likely to encounter in house purchase transactions.

Types of Conveyancing Searches 

Different types of conveyancing searches are available, each one focusing on distinct aspects of the property. One of the most prevalent searches produced is the Property Enquiry Certificate. This search will shed light on planning permissions, building regulations, and any enforcement actions related to the property in question. It will include a search against Water and Drainage to confirm the property’s connection to the main water supply and sewerage system.

Additional searches may be deemed necessary, depending on the property’s location and other specifics. These could include mining searches, flood risk assessments, energy and infrastructure searches, and Environmental Searches, amongst others.

Interpreting Search Results

Deciphering the results of conveyancing searches can prove to be an intricate task, riddled with technical jargon. It is, therefore, imperative to leverage the experience and knowledge of seasoned solicitors, such as Scullion LAW’s property law team. We possess the expertise required to interpret the findings and provide guidance on any potential issues the searches may uncover.

This invaluable assistance will aid your comprehension of the implications inherent within the search results. Consequently, we can advise you on any further actions that may be necessitated, such as additional investigations, and aid in negotiations.

When embarking on the process of purchasing a property, it is paramount to collaborate with experienced conveyancing experts who can guide you through the intricate details of the process.

Leverage Our Expertise

Scullion LAW’s dedicated team of conveyancing solicitors possess the requisite expertise to guide you on the significance of each search, interpret the results with astute proficiency, and provide you with expert advice to safeguard your investment.

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