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Don’t be too shy to ask your real estate agent these critical questions when viewing a house as a buyer.

Scullion LAW has over 40 years of specialist conveyancing experience. In that time, we have helped a great number of first-time buyers realise their dreams of owning a home. We have also helped homeowners get the best out of bad situations that could have been avoided with a bit more care when viewing a house.

We are always on hand to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. Our aim is to ensure your experience of securing a home is a positive and exciting one. So before you sign on the dotted line, ask these questions. They shouldn’t be a secret, otherwise, that’s a red flag and you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Why is the house on the market?

This information will be helpful when making an offer. The current homeowner’s motivation for selling will tell you if it is a distressed sale or if they are just testing the market for a good price. The answers you get may tell you something positive or negative about the neighbourhood, the house itself, or the owners. If they are very motivated sellers who are moving into a new property or going away, then they may be open to agreeing to a lower price.

How long has it been on the market?

This is a good indicator of how much interest it has received. If it has been listed for several months to a year or more, further investigation is required. Perhaps the property is defective and others have noticed something that you haven’t. It could also be an indication that the house is overpriced. Or perhaps the property requires extensive renovations that have put off potential buyers. In such a case, it may be worthwhile to hire an assessor to estimate the repairs. This will provide you with a more accurate estimate of the property’s cost.

Has there been any major building work done on the property recently?

If you want to buy an older property or have concerns about a property’s condition, it is recommended that you seek a more detailed survey. It would help to ask during the viewing if and when any improvements, extensions, or renovations were carried out. It’s also worth looking into the possibility of extending the property, and the likelihood of obtaining planning permission if you want one. Asking about recent work can also help you discover deeper issues. Ask about recent work done in each room. You don’t want to discover later that a room has been repainted to conceal dampness or cracks in the walls. Have a feel of any walls you find suspicious whilst viewing a house.

How much does it cost to run the property?

Whether you are looking to occupy the property yourself, rent it out, or flip it, knowing the running cost is vital. This includes knowing the council tax rate, the EPC rating, and the average monthly bill amount.

Are there any issues to be aware of in the local area?

Investigating the property’s location properly is vital. Do the research and the groundwork. Drive, take the bus, or walk to the property during rush hour and, if possible, speak with the neighbours. Learn all that you can about parking, nearby schools, litter collection days, local shops, and so on. Specifically, ask about the property’s school catchment area. You will get generic responses if you keep it general.

What does the property come with?

Maximise the value you are getting. Ask if any white goods, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, are included in the price. Having these essentials already in the house lets you save on the cost of making the house liveable. Also ask about any potential issues with any items, including the boiler if there is one.

With these questions, you can better assess the value you are getting from a potential property you wish to buy. You will also be better positioned to sniff out bad investments or bad deals whilst viewing a house.

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