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What is a Power of Attorney?

Simply put, a Power of Attorney legally allows someone to handle affairs on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself down the road due to health reasons or an accident. It appoints a chosen person you trust to make critical choices aligned with your wishes if your decision-making capacity gets compromised. These attorneys can manage financial, medical, or other matters, so your voice still gets heard even when yours gets lost.

I know it’s hard to think you may lose independence someday. But having contingency plans in place can grant peace of mind that you’ll remain protected and cared for no matter what. Even if you’re currently healthy, considering a Power of Attorney takes wise forethought about the “what-ifs” we all face in life. It’s like an insurance policy—you hope to never need it but will be glad it’s there.

Why do I need a Power of Attorney?

We casually make hundreds of tiny choices each day without a second thought. But suddenly losing that ability to navigate life on your own terms could prove extremely jarring. Getting dressed, budgeting, and even deciding when to eat become impossibly hard.

While no one can fully control changing tides, proactively outlining your preferences through a Power of Attorney helps ensure life stays self-directed for as long as possible. It also reduces stress on loved ones struggling to make the right calls in difficult moments without your direct input.

What are Next-of-Kin rights?

Unlike popular belief, next-of-kin actually holds no legal power to manage your affairs or estate if decision-making falters. Without paperwork explicitly naming them attorneys, they’d need to go through lengthy court proceedings to maybe gain authority.

Meanwhile, bills would still accumulate, assets would sit unattended, and no one could access accounts to pay for living assistance. It’s a messy situation all around. But the right Power of Attorney smoothes everything for those you care about most when you cannot.

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