What is an Executor? How we can help.

An Executor is a person who is appointed in the Will, or by the Court, to deal with the finances, possessions, and final wishes of someone who has passed away. If you are the Executor, it can quickly become overwhelming at what may already be a difficult time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Executor must be someone you trust.

You can appoint any adult to be your Executor in your Will. Usually they are family members or close friends.

When there is no Will, then the law provides a specific order of priority for appointing Executors, typically starting with the surviving spouse or civil partner, followed by children, then other close relatives. Our award winning team can help you navigate this process.

We can be your professional Executor, saving time and stress and giving confidence that things are being done correctly.

An Executor is responsible for handling all your personal affairs, including investigating the estate, applying for confirmation, ingathering the estate and distributing it all. Timescales, responsibilities and roles vary depending on the size and complexity of the estate.

Executor/s will be responsible for liaising with beneficiaries, family members, debtors, utility companies, banks, selling or transferring property, calculating and paying inheritance tax, sorting unpaid bills etc. They take on responsibility for everything you leave behind.

If someone doesn’t want to be an Executor, they can decline and we can help have another Executor appointed. Similarly, if an Executor named in a Will has died, we can also help have a suitable Executor appointed. 

 If someone dies without a Will in place, however, the law dictates a specific hierarchy as to who is entitled to be appointed as Executor. Again, we can help have the relevant family member appointed in order that everything can be dealt with as efficiently as possible.  

As more and more people do not want to deal with the stress and responsibility of being Executor themselves, we offer a service whereby we become the Executor and take care of everything.  

Executors are not paid. However, they can seek reimbursement of expenses they incur such as obtaining the death certificate as long as they keep proper records and receipts 

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Executor Club – peace of mind 

There has been an alarming rise in the number of families who do not know where to turn when a loved one passes away. If they do not know where the Will is kept, they will, inevitably, be incredibly anxious to know what they should do next. This has led to much expense and delay for the family as they desperately seek to find out if there is a Will and where it is kept, causing major difficulties and family friction. There is simply no point in having a Will if no one knows where it is kept. To make this easy, we created “The Executor Club”.

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This is an exclusive club we have developed together with our trusted partners to let your Executor know that we have your Will. 

We also have useful information for them on their responsibilities and obligations.  

Everyone who is an Executor should be a member of “The Executor Club” particularly as we offer free advice and training tools to help them know what to do when someone dies.  

We understand that we are the first in the country to offer such a comprehensive and unique service and are excited to bring this to life. 

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Ailidh Balantyne has been first class in dealing with my late Dad’s estate. She has been very professional, great communication and easy to speak, explaining terms and answers in easy ways and not law jargon. I would highly recommend Ailidh and scullion law.


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Ailidh Ballantyne has been first class in dealing with my late Dad’s estate. She has communicated promptly and spoken in terms that myself and my sister can understand easily. If we have had a query she has told us the answer quickly.



My experience with Scullion Law was excellent especially after having had a not so great experience with another law office previously. I would definitely recommend Scullion Law and Amelia in particular who was great at explaining everything!



During this awful time Scullion Law have been thoughtful, kind and very respectful. Having no knowledge of how to process a bereaved relatives estate Ailidh Ballantyne was fantastic in providing excellent information and support. Thank you



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