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About me

Prior to Scullion LAW, I worked at an Estate Agency for 15 years as an Office Manager. I managed the admin side of the office and dealt with all client enquiries and made sure all the sales agents were where they should be and on time. I used to recommend our clients to Scullion LAW for property sales or purchases so I have known Nicholas Scullion and Gemma Miller for a very long time!!

Interesting facts:

I love rock music and will try to go to as many gigs as I can. My colleagues, however, do not appreciate my taste in music!!

About my work in the firm

I joined the firm in 2016.

I work behind the scenes on transactions, dealing mainly with lenders, surveyors, and councils to ensure we have all the information/documents to allow the transaction to settle. I also request loan funds for purchases and process all of the IDs for conveyance transactions.

I love getting results when it is a trickier case. I will always push myself to get results. I also love the team I work with and we always help each other out when needed.


Organised, determined, sales and perseverant.

How I can help

I will always be in the background, working away and making sure your transaction has everything required for the Solicitors to settle.

Why me?

Clients won’t normally speak to me directly but I will always be helping the solicitors with their transactions in the background. When your solicitors say they will get a colleague to contact a Lender, Surveyor or Council that will be me always giving it 100% to get what we need.

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