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About me

I live in a village outside Larkhall with my fiancé and 7-year-old son. I began at ScullionLAW doing work experience and was then taken on a full position as an office junior. I then worked my way up within the business and settled within the Conveyancing Department.

Interesting facts:

During lockdown, I began to have an interest in growing my own foods such as carrots, strawberries, and lettuce. Each year, I have been adding new foods to the list.

About my work in the firm

I joined Scullion LAW in 2013.

I assist clients in securing their dream homes by submitting offers on their behalf. I love the happiness and joy I bring to clients when they are told their offer has been accepted.

I love speaking to all clients.


I have a good focus on clients. I enjoy learning things about them. I have confidence in my job given I have done the role for 6 years. I am understanding, compassionate and organised with our clients. 

How I can help

I can offer guidance and advice on the best way to approach making an offer due to the experience I have gained over the years.

Why me?

Our reviews speak for themselves. 


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