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About me

I am from Spain originally and I moved to Scotland (Glasgow) in 2015 to work in a Biotech company as a microbiologist.

My background is in Food Safety and Microbiology and prior to Scotland, I worked in this field in Spain, The Netherlands and Switzerland. In that last place, I enjoyed nearly a year working at Nestle Scientific headquarters where I could also taste the amazing Nespresso and chocolates at any coffee break?

After a few years of working as a microbiologist, I decided to try something new and went on to try medical sales across the UK. That did not work that well though (LOL) but I learned a lot and I am very proud of all the challenges I faced and all that I learned.

After both things, I had the chance to join Scullion LAW where I have been since and I hope to work here for many years more.

Interesting fact:

In English, I have a very strong Spanish accent now mixed with a very strong Scottish accent too.

About my work in the firm

When I joined Scullion LAW in 2019, I started working on IT and implementing new technologies. These were very helpful during the pandemic and have allowed us to work very flexibly since then.

After that, I was approached internally to test if I would like to learn and work in the financial side of the firm as I did enjoy working with data, organising it and extracting conclusions. I accepted and since then I am delighted with all that I have learned about finances, profitability, and business performance… and I have delivered a great job to the firm!

I love learning new things and realising how the things we do in finance can transform the whole business to work in a more efficient way.


I love analysing, organising, and presenting data. I am good at presenting and also at keeping track of all the little things.

How I can help

I have a very open mind so I am open to new challenges. If the person reading this would like for us to do something we still do not do I would love to test it and give it my best try! Most times the result is a great surprise!

Why me?

Because I am responsible, professional, organised, and I always give it my all – I have been educated to always go for the best result and I am not happy until achieving it.

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