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About me

I joined Scullion LAW in 2015 as a conveyancing paralegal.  I have been working for law firms since 2005.  I decided in 2014 that I was going to obtain my law degree and move from paralegal to solicitor.  I took the law degree part-time while working and running a busy home.

I later obtained the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice in 2022 and have now commenced my traineeship here at Scullion LAW. I have spent a considerable period of my career dealing with conveyancing and property matters and have now migrated to the Private Client team.

About my work in the firm

I’m currently a trainee solicitor in the Private Client department.

I love being in a position to help people organise their affairs and give them peace of mind, quite often making a Will is very daunting for our clients, and I like to ensure that the process is seamless and pain-free for them.

When dealing with estate work, you are dealing with clients at their most vulnerable while they try to navigate a process they often have no knowledge of. I enjoy being that person who guides them through it in a sensitive and compassionate manner.


Communicating with clients in an accessible manner that allows them to receive information in such a way that doesn’t overwhelm them, teamwork, approachability, and putting my clients at ease.

How I can help

I can advise you on how to create a Will that will respect your wishes and prepare a Power of Attorney that will give you peace of mind if you ever require it.  Help you navigate and manage the estate of your loved one in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Why me?

I am passionate about providing my clients with seamless service. I am approachable and love to create an atmosphere where my clients feel at ease during a process that can be very emotional.

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